Bad Homburg ICT provider rented spam guard gate to company Bad Homburg, November 19, 2009. The ANEVCA GmbH, Bad Homburg, Germany now has the anti spam solution spam guard gate (SGG) new in the portfolio. Companies have the opportunity to use the security software in our own House as an appliance or a hosting service. The SaS-based (software as a service) security solution offers a highest recognition level in combating spam. The hosted version is just for smaller and medium-sized enterprises. The IT staff be relieved, since they must care not even to the operation and maintenance of the software. Updates and upgrades to the always latest version take place automatically. The administration effort is thus very low and can be applied easily by the end-user.

The own network load is reduced by the SaS solution by up to 90 percent. With appropriate service-level agreements (SLA), ANEVCA provides the customer a transparent services with continuous services. In addition, the solution is good scalable. SGG offers the service to the complete spam protection in customised classes, for example, for systems, clients, or mailbox user. Prices per mailbox start NET 2.70 euros a month. The anti spam software works with a failure rate of almost zero percent: the methods used allow a defence rate of 99.97%. SGG checked the URL linked in an E-Mail for viruses, Trojans and threatening codes.

Thus, users can follow the links from a received E-Mail free. Existing spam filters can continue upon request as a downstream systems behind the gate. The systems can be easily integrated into existing message infrastructures. SGG identifies unwanted and malicious content in mail traffic, already before they reach your own mail server. The solution acts as a gateway that rejects dubious mail connections in advance. So, the user reduces the connection volume by half in a short time. Because the email address disappears gradually from the databases of the spambots, because the delivery attempts will not be acknowledged. Another positive side effect for the user: The use of SGG reduces the legally mandated E-Mail Archiving considerably. The solution allows only mail content from senders assessed as serious. News of dubious sources will be sorted out before the statutory archiving obligation and rejected. So up to 20 times higher mail volumes handled in comparison to conventional filter systems, since most connections are already canceled before the content is transmitted. The SGG systems are therefore quickly freed for new requests. About ANEVCA GmbH: The ANEVCA GmbH is a provider for real secure VoIP, unified communications and security competent. The company pursues a holistic approach for all projects. While ANEVCA provides complex solutions from a single source. Customers appreciate the independent advice and competent project management and reliable after sales service. Partnerships with the manufacturers of solution components that complement Offer.