A 15 to 35% of American adults use any diet, and spend between $30 and $50 billion of dollars a year trying to lose weight. It is estimated that a 3 to 5% of the population in the United States, at least 8 million people, more than half women, are obese morbidly. Obesity is one of the worst health problems in United States. Seriously increases the risk of diseases, which are among the leading causes of death in the country, including diabetes, diseases of the heart, respiratory problems and some types of cancer. Theories point out several factors of obesity, since inheritance until the sedentary lifestyle and fast-food intake. But no matter what the cause of obesity, experts have been forced to accept that you for the majority of patients, diets, exercise and medications for weight loss simply do not work.

Surgery is a drastic step, which involves all the pain and risk of any large abdominal surgery. It makes people to radically change their eating habits, makes them feel sick if they eat more and there may be the risk that they have nutritional deficiencies of lifetime. But still, it works. Unlike any medication or diet, surgery produces a significant and long term weight loss in most patients. Many lose over 50 pounds, some arrive at a normal weight, while others remain with slightly overweight. The number of surgeries Bariatric in the United States has doubled from 20 thousand for 5 years, to 40,000 today. Nearly 80% of the patients are women, the majority young and adults, but some surgeons accept patients with more than 60 years, and some even operate to adolescents.

There are cases in which all members of a family made a bariatric surgery. Diet, exercise or medications to reduce weight are not effective for all people. Goodbye obesity has the treatment prescribed for you, so it manages to reduce weight and improve your health in general. Cecy Garcia psychology Bariatric