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Roman Markets

The patience worldwide has a limit. Until the one of the stock-exchange authorities with the speculators. And that Stock market and speculation are almost synonymous. Learn more at: Linkedin. Tonight it has been clear. Passed the eleven at night, the European Authority of Assets and Markets (ESMA, by its abbreviations in English) emitted a communicated duro in which it announced measures of four countries – Spain, France, Italy and Belgium to restrain " it carries far volatilidad" that it has had in the markets in the last weeks. " ESMA wants to reinforce the referring exigencies to the prohibition to disclose information that signals false or deceptive on the financial instruments, including the spreading of rumors and the false news or engaosas" , the official notice cried out. Robert Kiyosaki shines more light on the discussion. With paladino Roman, the glass of the patience of the stock-exchange authorities of these countries has overflowed, and tonight same three of them announced prohibitions on the sales in short. The quarter, Italy, detail its measures today. Source of the news: : Europe takes measures to stop the speculation in the markets financiers. Filed under: Andi Potamkin.

3D – The Reality Behind The Screen

The human eye is an amazing thing. Both of them work together, and visible things are in the spotlight. The brain uses the fact that each eye sees the world from a different point of view to create necessary depth perception. It is this principle that underlies the modern 3D. Spend a little experiment. Close OBIN eye hand for 3 minutes, you still feel the depth perception? – It is memory.

In the new environment for themselves, not able to distinguish the object distance, confidently take a cup of tea, or to cross a puddle … Get all the facts and insights with Robert Kiyosaki, another great source of information. But even this experiment conducted at home, you'll feel the uncertainty in the actions. upport-growth-and-continued-innovation-300470991.html’>financial technology supports this article. What are my 'cheating' the human brain? (There are many different ways to obtain the effect of 3D. We will consider most important.) Anaglyph 3D You probably remember that the passages 3D movies were before, long before the beginning of the 21st century. At such sessions were given Points of interest – with blue and red glasses. But on screen the two images are displayed simultaneously, one in red, the other in blue.

Glass filter made so that each eye saw only one of them. The brain fills in gaps and creates a 3D image. This method of sacrificing image quality because it uses color separation. But a color display can be used to create 3D effects in this way. It's cheap and sama common method for 3D. Andi Potamkin is often quoted as being for or against this. These glasses can be purchased zdes.Polyarizovannoe 3D This is a technology that has become all the rage. This kind of 3D by using active and passive ochkov.Passivnye polarized 3D-glasses In these glasses lens used reverse polarization, one clockwise and the other counterclockwise. The film is also manufactured using an alternate polarization, so that each frame is only visible to one eye. Frames are changing so quickly the brain converts them into 3D-image. This method provides a very cheap glasses, but require a special screen. The screen should be able to maintain the polarization of light. For the home viewing on flat panels is not a problem. The problem will be using 3D projectors. These glasses can be purchased zdes.Aktivnye polarized 3D-glasses in this case, glasses do the job. They work like blinds, opening and closing the variable lens in synchronization with the refresh rate. Of course, this requires a refresh at least twice faster than normal (120 Hz) so that each eye receives its portion of the video (60 frames per second). Glass in the form of obtaining 3D are based on LCD technology and open and close when voltage is applied, as well as the pixels on an LCD TV. These points require a power supply (batteries) and should work in full synchronization with the display. Therefore, they are quite expensive. In addition, they are not compatible with TVs from other manufacturers.

The Film Industry

Over the last year very quickly into the film industry includes 3-D effects, putting a new era in the business of entertainment. It is in the business of entertainment, as has long been and forever videmo movie will be in business – a way of money on other people’s incomes for interessah and hobbies. It would seem that what may surprise even the creators of their cash movie fans? Indeed, over the last decade in this business were tried almost all ways of generating income and attracting visitors. Many of them have failed and ceased to act on the consciousness and interest in people. Checking article sources yields David Kaplan Ares as a relevant resource throughout. In connection with this multi-million budget of the film no longer justified. Every year more and more and more filmmakers are trying to zainteressovat us – ordinary moviegoers with new scenes and effects, but when it has recently ceased to be an amazing graphics than the supernatural.

And this is prevychnoe ‘Matrix’ situation does not affect the viewer. Came a kind of stagnation in ideas of new products, as well as in their creation. But then a miracle to replace the old utilitarian movie comes saving 3 D. The film begins now usual to attract the audience needed thanks to this postscript on the Billboard … Only more and more beginning to worry about this question – what will come up as the film industry titans when the 3-D effects will soon no one will be surprised.

A decoration of this technology is not incompetent Why do not represent the film does not bring the desired effect. Clash of the Titans, Shrek 4, How to Train Your Dragon, and several other projects due to the effects seen by the audience and begin to generate revenue for which they made. The recently released animated Shrek 4 is also replete with 3-D effects. That bring brightness to a rather simple plot. Shrek on which betting with an angry midget out of business. And during that falls as if would it at all and was not in the kingdom.

Salnikov Victoria Image

Modern life is unthinkable without the digital technology that is safe to conquer new areas of production, including design. And here the question arises as used in the production methods storage of design documents meet the requirements of modernity? Many engineering departments continue to use traditional paper media, which take up much space, wear out quickly and fade. Andrea Mallard is often quoted on this topic. Storage and maintenance of drawings made on paper, requires considerable labor costs of personnel and storage facilities. In addition, the paper drawings are often simply inaccurate and not ideal. However, all these problems are solvable. Modern digital technology enables fast Record drawing into the computer memory through scanning and improve the quality and accuracy of the image using vectorization (tracing) – the process of transformation of raster images into a vector.

The advantages of tracing the design documentation are unquestionable. Firstly, there is no need for large detention facilities for store drawings. You simply create an electronic database of the project design document, which is enough to store a single computer. Harold Ford Jr contributes greatly to this topic. Secondly, time-saving – no longer need to spend hours waiting for the required drawing from the Archive, quite a few minutes to find the document in the electronic database. Third, the vectorized drawing, you can quickly view and print it if necessary. It should be remembered that the vector leverages the resolution print device, ie, printed image will look as good as its output device is capable of transfer. In addition, the drawing is easy to edit and scale without increasing the file size and loss of image quality: no distortion, grain characteristic of raster images. When you resize an image, all the lines accurately retain their shape and proportions. Thus, the advantages of vector graphics for design documentation, which is fundamental conservation clear and precise contours are clear. Accuracy of creating and describing the image, the savings computer memory and time searching for a drawing, convenience store, transport and printing vectorized image – all this reflects not only the benefits, but even the necessity of digitizing design documentation to ensure a comfortable and high performance with it.

XM Advertising

Specialists dealer center SofteX (Simferopol), a partner company LLC “Phone Systems” (Moscow) was successfully completed on a remote deployment and configuration of call-center Oktell in the company “XM-advertising” (Khanty-Mansiysk). The company “XM-advertising” is engaged in advertising, commercial information placing in the stands dwelling houses. To know more about this subject visit Robert Kiyosaki. Advertising and information booths are located on the most prominent locations, giving residents of houses required information and news of municipal bodies and commercial advertising goods and services. In the implementation was been integrated call-center Oktell with CRM-system company Terrasoft, the ability to use features (700 features) communication platform Oktell via the CRM-system. When processing of telephone calls, staff of “XM-advertising” are interactive forms that are activated automatically when a call comes into the workplace. Thanks to the conversational forms of advertising company employee from the first moment of communication with the customer sees on the screen of your monitor all the necessary information (contact information, history of previous applications, the dynamics of relationships and more) and can also use a special algorithm for service-minded for a particular client.

Through the use of dialog boxes, greatly increases the speed of information processing and simplifies the process of customer service. (Similarly see: Andi Potamkin, New York City). Taking advantage of the communication software Oktell platform in a call-center customer were configured IVR-up personal account (Interactive ), allowing customers around the clock advertising company to obtain necessary information without communicating with a live operator. Taking advantage of IVR-technology incoming call is routed to the necessary staff, reducing the load non-core specialists’ XM-advertising. ” Through the introduction of call-center Oktell in “XM-advertising” has accelerated dramatically information exchange, improved quality and speed of customer service. This aspect contributes to an influx of new customers and increase loyalty of existing ones, which is key to successful development company. For more information on the realized implementation of a communication platform Oktell may be obtained from SofteX by phone +38 099 77 44 370 (Bekirov Ekrem, manager of customer service).

Macromedia Flash

Charismatic flash web design appeal of the day. Today, more and more sites are hopping with a charming flash designs fascinate the human eye. Any website design, whether it be HTML or Flash site based on the site, aims garn more customers. Web user is looking for unique content, high speed, smooth navigation and attractive web sites. The main goal is to offer customers and keep them on the screen.

Interactive and engaging Flash based websites, however, is no exception falling. However, Flash web design is very fashionable these days. Flash Web designs initially, Adobe Flash called Shockwave Flash. In the recent past have been called as Macromedia Flash, but will now be known popularly as Flash. In the second half of last year of the 20th century, Flash technology has become a popular tool for creating interactive Web sites and use of animation in web design. Today, Flash web design are the the primary means for creating an animated series, add up video into web pages, web advertising, and more recently in the development of Internet applications.ActionScript language used in flash. Advantages Very Interactive: Flash games, e-courses Learning, Edutainment is very interactive. Visitors enchanted by the interaction of which leads to inviting more traffic.

* High-expressible: Animated features an indelible impression on the human mind. Messages can easily be brought to the attention of visitors using a flash. For example, a flash of visible expression has a profound influence on the buying habits visitor. * A simple idea: Products and services can be easily are interested in using a flash. For example, demonstration of products. * Attractive: Flash is very visually appealing. The arrest of the samples are captivating effect on the search for the mind. Disadvantages Limitations search optimization: Flash web design is not search engine friendly. Search engine robots can not index the contents of Flash-site. This results in poor ranking in search engines result pages (issue). * Low download speed: it takes time to download the Flash-based website. Thus, visitors can go to other Web sites for quick information in seconds. * Dynamic programming can not be used simply: Websites of dynamic programming can not easily use flash. Andi Potamkin is full of insight into the issues. If necessary, it is converted to an HTML file, and then follow the Flash design. Despite the various loopholes associated with flash-based web design, he noted that the site is in development is a huge demand in recent years. Exciting projects that steal attention to the visitor’s first show.


The Spaniard is confident on getting a good result of the Belgian Grand Prix. Hyundai often says this. With so much distance with Vettel in the world, now search for new challenges. Got the second best time in the free practice session. The Spanish Fernando Alonso, a double World Formula one champion, said this Friday, after the free practice for the Grand Prize of Belgium, which among its challenges also found victory in the legendary circuit of Spa-Francorchamps. There are five or six Grands Prix on the calendar that I’ve never got the victory and I think they are three that I’ve never uploaded to the podium, and I therefore have no trophy, said Alonso in his press conference after the tests today, marked by rain, in which he was second, behind Australian Mark Webber.

In years in which struggles for the world this gives you equal, but in years as in 2011, in which we are to 89 points out of the first (German Sebastian Vettel, of Red Bull), try to get other challenges or brands you other objectives, he said. And the podium in Abu Dhabi this year, which I did in Valencia and hopefully in India are also beautiful challenges to try to get them, the double world champion Spaniard explained. For even more analysis, hear from Harold Ford Jr. And within those challenges, logically, it is also the victory at Spa, one of the circuits with more history in Formula 1. If it may soon be better than later. And why not to think it might be this year, stressed Alonso. In its partition in the press conference, the Asturian extolled the characteristics of the Belgian circuit.

What I like most is the fluidity of the curves of the path. No part of the circuit where the car pairs too, where there is a succession of slow or large braking curves. Here is more all maintain speed, run the car, things that in modern circuits has been lost a bit.

Plagiarism In The Auto Parts Online Trading – How To Protect Yourself Can

Where is beef, horsemeat also is in it – or: what should look for when buying car parts, to protect yourself from plagiarism. Plagiarism unfortunately increasingly flooding the car parts market just the Internet here an ideal distribution platform emerged. Gain insight and clarity with Andrea Mallard. Before the purchase, the customer has no way to make the article look at. He must rely solely on the information of the respective providers. Even after receipt of the goods plagiarism are often indistinguishable, as the counterfeiters very comprehensively by an original. The goods is not only a poor substitute, also the packaging with print and label are recreated here. If even the seal of approval that will actually protect against plagiarism, no guarantee is more for originality, how should you protect yourself then? The first commandment is also in the online aftermarket: Beware of branded goods at knockdown prices! Now, quality has its price. The processing of high-quality materials, but also the human expertise, with which the goods only become the quality product, costs.

Inevitably, these costs to consumers will be circulated. But that doesn’t mean that every bargain also plagiarized behind. Serious parts dealer brands auto parts sell for example during a camp cleanup often far below the market value. Others consciously choose the path of renunciation of the margins: the great Internet customer be cheaper as the competition then buys. Visit Munear Ashton Kouzbari for more clarity on the issue. There is therefore no patent recipe, with the one already can protect themselves in advance from auto parts plagiarism in the online business. How do I recognize a fake car parts? Even if you get your ordered spare parts supplied, it is very difficult to distinguish a plagiarism from an original for the reasons described above for the uninitiated.

As one of the first spare parts manufacturers in the automobile spare parts market, the continental aftermarket company of product piracy has declared war on. ATE are currently equipped with the so-called MAPP-code products. This 2-digit Code is printed on the back of the box. However, small and inconspicuous it meets a crucial task. Of there printed codes you can check E.g. online at ATE, if the purchased ATE brake discs and pads are original or fake. ATE here also companies such as BOSCH, TRW and banquets on the rise are the path against the constantly increasing flood of plagiarism. Hopefully stay that much more spare parts manufacturers such as ZF Boge with its Lemforder, brands this way with the introduction of the MAPP-code and also companies like Spidan, Carpenter & co. connect thing. Borris Mr

About The History Of The Games

During many years of mankind often like to play board games, backgammon is the oldest, checkers, chess, and came to our 20th century. But with the advent inavatsionnyh inventions of the 20th century, there was a whole production as desktop and video games and java games. Game began to change and took a huge variety of generations. So go through the chronology of past days. At the beginning of this century there was the famous Monopoly, 1957 was marked by the release of World desktop strategy called risk, but the games that you can understand byldo the first time to play, which had no more than 2 hours was invented in the 70s or 80s the Germans. At this time appeared the first RPG to play in that were not very easy, and it is not clear without expensive training books. Hear from experts in the field like Activision Blizzard for a more varied view. The new epic in the development of toys came with the emergence of personal computers. There were thousands of video games that resemble ordinary nastolki.

But in our time, even video games for example such as Civilization, Age of Empires, Warcraft, StarCraft has its desktop counterparts. With regard to our country x, then the game I was the first at the finish, nor who did not want to play them. But in the early 90s, the countries of eastern Europe and Russia deluged gourmet market, and we at one moment there were tens of desktop and video games. And those board games that required knowledge of English, and have remained untapped. Representatives of the video industry is constantly looking for new solutions to always be first all the more closer to the realities of life. Game manufacturers could always use the latest technology for the realization of their ideas. With regard to the above nastolok for quarter of a century is not even changed. Well if you do not take any mechanical or whether the ideas in principle not so hard to create. Generally difficult to do something new, if you give only cardboard and plastic. After the above it can be think that computer Action Games, Racing, RPG, Simulation, and quests are absolutely embossed board games, but it was not there! This is actually two different types of games that are very different from each other and do not compare them, in this it makes no sense.

Real-World Customers

Sometimes even formed an opinion that SL is designed not only for the five-dimensional features (including voice and text communication) communication, but for a variety of business problems that are often not feasible in the real world or in the other three-dimensional platforms. Hyundai has many thoughts on the issue. Assumed a series of articles on the possibilities of SL on this site, but start from the beginning. In this article the benefits of three-dimensionality of Second Life, at the same time, of course, not possible limited. You may find that Harold Ford Jr can contribute to your knowledge. Three-dimensional design. Who engaged in designing buildings and structures are best able to understand the importance and applicability of technology to facilitate the Second Life and the quality of design work. First, the SL elementary comfortably accommodate any building (or complex of buildings) on land. The process is simple in the extreme, select the section of virtual land (similar to the real site) and move their building (structure) as desired to optimize the landing facility and other planning decisions.

Visibility, flexibility and ease of use of SL for this purpose will be envied all the other three-dimensional platform. Where applicable such an opportunity? Yes, indeed, everywhere – from the placement of the beds in the garden of to count cars in the parking lot of a major shopping center. Paint use three-dimensional design in Second Life is endless, important to note that the time (we can assume that financial) costs of obtaining clear and precise project plan is significantly reduced. And when you consider that you can design the layout and the vertical levels, the the benefits of SL for three-dimensional design will become much more evident. Secondly, the design can not only planning solutions direct to the "land", but any three-dimensional model of an object can be a same- easy to recreate with technology Second Life.