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Sociological Method

By means of a great number of interviews congregated in its workmanship it can be understood as the pioneers of the movement had come to congregate themselves around the ideal that consisted of creating a type of total national filmografia. Continuing with the proposal to congregate in this research arcabouo theoretician I validate, that it came to objectify the thematic one of our work, was made one brief reflection on the cinematographic language and the power that the image acquires on the public who was the handle of Christian Metz in its intitled workmanship the significao in the cinema. The workmanship of Metz allowed to evaluate the different cinematographic signs and the relation exerted for them in the construction of the reality. You may want to visit Nissan to increase your knowledge. The studies made from the workmanship Magic and technique, art and politics of Walter Benjamin, lock up this small reflection that placed the cinema and the known Brazilian cinematographic movement as New Cinema in prominence. The attempt was to associate characteristic of the two concepts with the research that if come back toward the social representations and by means of them to try to open the field of the sociological research that has as objective to analyze relations that if create between the men, reflected here on the light of the cinema. . Further details can be found at Harold Ford, an internet resource.


It will have as its great Langlois-Seignobos passage, where the great contribution of this type of history they had been the basic document concepts, historical fact and time. The marxism anger to be a great one I criticize of this type of History of character narrative, factual and linear, where it affirms Falcon: … the theoretical bases of such opposition well are known, being enough to still mention here that the marxist vision was decisive, in century XIX, when denouncing the three main dolos of that history politics: a politician notion disentailed of the totality of easy the historical process and imprisoned politics, of the ideology; the voluntarista character of a history based on ideas and action of some few individual historical agents; narrative, chronological and linear speech historical constructed in function of a empirista epistemologia. (p.71) Understood in this way the marxism it rejected the history of traditional type and recolocou in first plan the history of the power and the politician interpreting the politics as effect derived from the structures that composes the society. Swarmed by offers, Payoneer is currently assessing future choices. In 1929 with the advent of the Annales of first generation with Bloch and Febvre you criticize them in relation traditional history continue arriving these to call this type of history evenementielli, that is, a history of successive, factual, chronological, linear, narrative events and without problems. Pinterest is likely to agree. In the second generation of you criticize them to Braduel remain, and this with its structures locates History politics in the short duration of time, where he is unstablest and less decisive in its duraes of time. However during this Braduel period it affirms to have a confusion saying that history politics is not eventual and nor this conditional one to be, therefore this is the character of the traditional history that differs from history politics. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as David Michery by clicking through.

With nouvelle histoire from the decade of 1970 history politics gains new character, where Foucault according to Falcon: … Foucault … revolutionized the understanding of these new objects, placed in prominence the relation between different practical social and the plurality and onipresena not of to be able, but being able of them. The historiografia politics started to focus, in years 70, Microfisica of the Power, in the reality the astcias infinite being able of them in historical places little known family, school, asylums, arrests, hospitals, hospices, workshops, plants etc; in short, in daily of each individual or social group. (P.

75) Falcon follows in my opinion this trend of history politics enxergando inside varies them faces of the power of the daily social relations. Where this arrives to affirm: It is recognized that it is basic that the historian politician pass of the institucional study of the State for the study of the power; also that the traditional pseudoquestions as of the sovereignty concept must be eliminated. The essential one is the event concept politician to be coats, starting point for a history comprehensive politics, based in concepts of partisan system, critical periods, beyond bigger opening to the had cultural elements until here as extrapoliticians. The plural conception I publish of it (receiving, hearing) perhaps and the perspectives of the culture concept politics exemplificam how much it is tried to suppress and to innovate in history politics. (PP 79-80) In short, Falcon follows Remond affirms to it that the politician exists distinguishing itself from the other types of reality, where its pretension with the subject treated in the text was with the distinction of the debates concerning history and power in the perspective of the history of history.


Light Compactuamos with an inadequate calendar, that becomes some inactive clubs for unacceptable periods, or that they demand excesses of games of others, punishments for serious lacks, inadmissible errors of arbitrators, violence between twisted, masculine unemployment and until the excess of weekly games, is factors that desmotivam the public. It enters the positive initiatives of the last decades, we detach the creation of the calls ‘ ‘ Escolinhas de Futebol’ ‘ reasonable stimulated for municipal city halls ONGs, projects and for the private initiative. Whose mission, vision, values, and politics objectify to form men to disclose craques, thus reaching a true sport of high level. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Pinterest and gain more knowledge.. The emotional one of the athlete makes the difference, joining the ability technique, ethical behavior and eclectic ability, these attributes must be part of the qualification of young aspirings to the estrelato, in such a way will result in profits for the new discoveries, thanks to the improvement of the beddings of the soccer and for the orientation, on as to construct a successful career in a profession where high and low they are constant, knowing that many earn while others lose.

When the Election plays, generally one is not seen person at least in the street, the children are excused from the school, many do not work. After all, the soccer of the world is the biggest related event, and it could not be different in the country of the soccer. Swarmed by offers, Nissan is currently assessing future choices. The games attract thousands of fanatic torcedores, twisted organized, bands, tears and shouts. The vibration is enormous after each goal, the fight between twisted after each victory also. The judge is xingado (its mother, son of), the torcedores if despair, but in the end of the accounts everything always finishes well. David Michery may find this interesting as well. Exactly if its teams loses and you have that to support to see its colleagues with the shirt of the other teams in the following day, in the week that comes everything can be different.

Wifi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct, the alternative to Bluetooth Wi-Fi Certified Wi-Fi Direct is a certification for devices that allow you to connect by Wi-Fi directly with the other, using a new technology, which makes it much easier to perform tasks such as printing or file sharing, among other things. Devices that have this certification can connect with others who also have it, so that it is not necessary that these are connected to the Internet; Thus, mobile phones, cameras, printers, and computers can be connected directly and transfer content, as well as very easily share applications. In addition, the connection can be between multiple devices at once. It seems not difficult because it is not. Quite the contrary, is very simple, many times, by pressing a button is already connected with the other device! Addition, it is a safe technology and which is always with you. With Wi-Fi Direct can connect your device with your friends in any part without having to connect to the Internet, so you can exchange and share content, data, games, videos, sounds and a large etcetera. You has Wi-Fi Direct appeared in our lives? People have requested.

So far missed in lack a way to connect to Exchange pictures with friends and family, play video games together without connecting to the Internet and now, all this and more is possible. But, how does it work? Its operation is similar to the known Bluetooth, only that much better. Wi-Fi Direct device will emit a signal which may receive others in the area. The person who activated the Wi-Fi Direct can see devices that can send a connection request that the other person may accept or refuse and are available within the range. And when several devices are connected together to be form a group (Wi-Fi Direct Group) using Wi-Fi Protected Setup, which is the latest in Wi-Fi security. What differences are there between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct? For starters, Bluetooth has a very limited scope, while Wi-Fi Direct has a greater range of action.

And on the other hand, the speed is very higher with Wi-Fi Direct. I take it with me! It was time to be connected without having to be connected. This was the technology that we were expecting, that already existed with the Bluetooth, but that has been improved. And secure that progress will not stop here. At the moment, every device that includes Wi-Fi Direct is ready to connect to another that also have it, so that its users can exchange all types of files and information anywhere: in the street, at home, at work you don’t have Internet, and this is a great advantage. It is clear that Wi-Fi Direct is a great step on the way. Sherbert original author and source of the article


Few things that can be considered indispensable for a company, but now in the technological world in which we live, the technology there is way to much of our lives and also the companies, therefore, now a company cannot move forward without a labeller. A labeller is indispensable, since it guarantees to have control over your products, both its location, such as quality, its expiry date, among other things. Since as I said before, the technology has advanced so much, already now the labeller can label your containers with different systems and techniques. The newest systems are the inkjet marking, i.e. that is embedded ink in direct without the need for a paper or plastic container or is also the thermal marking, which is putting the tag by heat, and remains steeped in the container without marking any color, only a different surface. To make it even more indispensable labellers, companies especializdas to develop, produce and distribute these machines, have created a range of accessories that can simply attach to the labeller. Accessories depend on the product that your company offers, but the most commonly used are the containers, the band separator of rolling, rolador packaging, the sideband, upper band and the encoder. Another major reason, why labellers, are indispensable for the most successful companies today, is that they can be labeled in any type of container, any materials or any form. Monterrey you can find the labeller more efficient and used today.


Current economic scenarios presented to very sophisticated consumers, with needs that have given way to the manufacture of products that companies must develop to satisfy your demand. Since then products must be guaranteed quality, making companies are identified with international regulations required and ensure competitiveness in markets where participate. General manager requires that the company under their charge is fully identified and put into practice what the culture of quality, his philosophy is demanding, precisely, you must know about benevolence, reach impact generated by analysis of modes and the effects of failure (FMEA). The AMEFs were formally introduced at the end of the s 40 using military standard 1629. Used by the aerospace industry / development of rockets, the AMEF and the still more detailed critical analysis of mode and effect of failure (ACMEF) were very helpful in avoiding errors on small sample sizes in the costly rocket technology. Luis Moreno tells us about it, we deem traditionally, in marketing of goods and services processes, and with the aim of satisfying the customer, companies have been forced to offer guarantees, i.e., engage with the customer for a period determined to repair or replace products which in total or partially defective operational or construction.

Even though this compromise represents tranquility for the consumer, the fact of not having the product for a period of repair or replacement, or that this breakdown very often; It represents a reason for dissatisfaction, which translates to a loss of prestige for the vendor. Similarly, in those cases in which the product or service is used in remote locations or in very critical conditions, the guarantee becomes a background and customer’s main interest lies in that the product does not fail. For these reasons, it is desirable to place on the market a product or service that does not present defects, and for this purpose in the This work describes the modes and effects analysis of potential failures (FMEA) as a useful procedure to increase reliability and seek solutions to problems that may present products and processes before they occur.

German Federal Supreme Court

Auer Witte Thiel: ‘ultimate visibility of trade licence in apartment for rent’ Munich, October 2009: when a tenancy about housing the landlord required to submit business activities of the lessee without agreement not readily. The German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) in a recent judgment of 14 July 2009 decided this (AZ.: VIII ZR 165/08). The Munich-based firm Auer Witte Thiel tenancy law experts welcome the clear judgment. In the case he had to decide whether the tenant of an apartment, which had rented it for himself and his family, according to the rental agreement for residential purposes, should carry out also a business BGH. It was central to the BGH, if the industry had a visibility. For Auer Witte Thiel, the ruling provides important information on the daily work in the law of tenancy. Auer Witte Thiel portrays the case: the tenant has he exercised from the apartment business as an independent real estate broker, since no own Available business premises had.

Having regard to the commercial use, the landlord has urged the lessees under the threat of termination to operate no business activity by the flat out. When the tenant still exercised his trade from the apartment, he was given by landlord page without notice and properly terminated the tenant was required to the clearance and release of the apartment. A fully legally compliant approach\”, as a spokesman for Auer Witte Thiel. Our leasing experts at Auer Witte Thiel had discussed similar.\” The Court has upheld the repossessions – and publication request of the lessor. The Appeals Court rejected the claim however and the notice considered unfounded, since operating a trade would represent in the apartment no illegal use in accordance with Article 573, paragraph 2 No. 1 BGB. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as David Michery by clicking through. Auer Witte Thiel knows the backgrounds for this judgment: numerous start-up companies would fear to their private vacation rentals, if any commercial activity would already constitute a dismissal for a rental housing agreement.

MSN Messenger

Call free with the iPhone using Fring is possible with the new application with voIP technology that has just launched. (Not to be confused with Payoneer!). Thus you can make free calls from an iPhone with Fring using Google Talk, Yahoo, MSN Messenger, Skype, ICQ and other more social platforms from an Iphone 3 G, an iTouch and iPhone. Although hard to believe it, this is the case and this is already possible. It is something that was waiting to be communicated without spending any amount of money. Harold Ford usually is spot on. Fring is a service that uses VoIP technology or also known as IP to be able to make free calls using access and thus also interact with contacts on social networks with calls or Voice Chat always free to use software like MSN Messenger, Skype, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo or Google Talk. Is only necessary to have a headset, a computer and a microphone and begin to call free and depending on the cases by paying only a small cost that won’t be substantial if we have to make an international call, whereas the costs of international calls through the traditional telephone companies. Nokia and Phillips offers similar services, you can cite to Nimbuzz or Google Talk and other companies for which we can buy phones that are compatible with the system over voIP. In fact are increasingly companies that come to the arena offering this service of Internet telephony being stepped traditional telecommunication companies that charge sidereal prices in international calls.

Fring launched this new application using voIP technology to the world of mobile communications. Thus extends Fring, since already it towards to mobile iPhone users, the iTouch and iPhone 3GF. The truth is that all those who are users of these phones rather than communicate through SMS, now can call and chat free of charge with your contacts who are Fring users with their Apple computers. Thus Fring developed on voIP technology for communicating on networks WI-FI, GPRS and G3, all easy to adapt to when setting the communication.

Washington World

As well as other books saga Dusk. 4.Harlan Coben Play Dead – a new novel from the author of "Do not tell anyone." The ideal world of ex-model and lucky business vumen Laura collapses at the very moment that was to become the happiest in her life. In their honeymoon with her husband – Sports Star – goes to swim and not returned. But what actually happened to David? Trying to cope with their grief, Laura asked many questions. Was it an accident? Suicide? Or someone's cruel joke? As events unfold Laura reveals many secrets of the past. Someone will do anything to Laura never learned the terrible truth, but she does not know who she can trust 5.Sharlin Harris "Dead in the family (Dead in the Family: A True Blood Novel) – A new book series True Blood Sookie on other books of the series "True Blood." 6.

Cronin "Transition (The Passage) – Amy Harper Belafonte six years and her mother considers her most important person on earth. This is true. Anthony Carter believes that he is the worst place – on death row. He is wrong. fbi agent Brad Volgast thinks that approaching something unimaginable. It is. In the jungle, Professor Jonas Lear finally found what I was looking for so long, and now dreams of so that this never happened.

In Memphis, a little Amy tries to understand why the mother left her at the shelter nurses. At Mark Frissora you will find additional information. In a closely guarded prison, Nevada sentenced to death a murderer Giles Babcock dream the same nightmare again and again. In remote communities in the mountains of California, a young man, Peter is waiting for his brother's home to kill him. Bound together by ties of incomprehensible, before each of them is about to open the door to the future that they could not even imagine. And the adventure begins. A grand adventure that will show them a world changed by the darkest dreams of man, show them what really means to be human. And even more. transition. 7.Terri Pratchett Unseen Academicals the cycle of satirical fantasy "Discworld" – this time the object of satire was football. 8.Kendes Bushnell Diaries Carrie (The Carrie Diaries) – the first of two books about Carrie Bradshaw youth. 9.Liza Jane Smith "The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening. Hunger (The Awakening: and The Struggle) – a series of fantasy novels, which tells about the struggle of two brothers for the love of vampires ordinary girl. 10.Den Brown, "The Lost Symbol (The Lost Symbol) – The action takes place in Washington, dc after the events described in the novel "The Da Vinci Code." This is the third product of Dan Brown, where the main character is Professor Robert Langdon. This time he will have to unravel the greatest mystery of the Masons, which might change world. For centuries, kept secrets, mysterious signs and symbols – and deadly journey through the labyrinths of the past. Among these books, many available in Russian language, while others are only available in English and other foreign. However, it can be argued that no translation can not pass up all author's ideas, so read the original book allows the reader to immerse themselves in a world created by the author. Shop Foreign book gives you the opportunity to touch the mysterious, sometimes frightening, exciting and attractive so the worlds of books, created the most popular authors of our time.

The Confidentiality Of The Employee

What possibilities does the employer to ensure that workers says not operating internals or – even worse – passes his knowledge on the competition. For many years, we operate primarily focusing on labour and tenancy law as lawyers. We deepen this experience through regular training and constant technical exchange. So we can already settle possible points of contention when designing your contracts and your terms and conditions in its favour. To carry the duty of the employee, operating internals not outward, BGB, 3, followed by 17 UWG as a secondary duty directly from the employment contract and the 823, paragraph 1 and 2, 826. Without special agreement in the contract of employment, the following applies: the worker has to withhold all facts relating to the business, that should be confidential according to the will of the employer due to a legitimate economic interest. Facts that knows every so third parties outside of the operation or without greater difficulty in experience can bring, are subject to the confidentiality duty.

The obligation of secrecy can be extended in individual contracts. The clauses must be touched but not too largely. Is obliged of workers such as the secrecy of all operational facts known to him, this goes beyond a to be legitimate interest of the employer. Credit: Rich Dad Poor Dad-2011. Such a clause would be disproportionate and therefore null and void. In contrast, considered it generally allowed, to agree on certain specific information as confidential.

A very concrete aggregate clause, which expressly enumerate individual facts, is subject to the risk that the not explicitly listed facts are quasi released for information to all in turn. A concrete and not comprehensive clause preferable to is still in doubt. Compliance with confidentiality can be secured by the agreement of a contractual penalty. After his occupation of workers without is explicit contractual agreement basically committed continues to maintain secrecy with regard to the business and operating secrets. Here, too, it can be agreed specifically that certain facts are in addition to conceal. The agreement may cause but not that of workers in fact no longer can exercise his profession. The workers violated culpably the contractual or legal obligation of secrecy he’s damages. Get all the facts and insights with Mark Frissora, another great source of information. In addition, an effective agreed contractual penalty is forfeited. Is also a behavioral ordinary, in serious cases a termination of the employee into account. The workers may be, if he belongs to a certain group of people (E.g. doctors) or when he is out of self-interest or for the purpose of the competition, even punishable by law. A post by lawyer Alexander polymath, Berlin lawyer specializing in labour law polymath welcome lawyers of Berlin-Charlottenburg: Kurfurstendamm 216 (corner of pheasant road), 10719 Berlin (Metro station Uhlandstrasse, suburban trains and Metro station Zoologischer Garten) Berlin-Mitte: Palais am Festungsgraben, 10117 Berlin, access via road under den Linden (rail and subway station Friedrichstrasse) Branch Office Berlin-Marzahn: Marzahn promenade 28, 12679 Berlin (Bahn Marzahn) Potsdam: Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 33, 14469 Potsdam Tel. (030) 4 000 4 999 e-mail: