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Lisa Neumann University tests fitness program some may consider it not possible, but there are actually people who do whatever it takes to take to: via muscle. A little swing the dumbbells in the living room, most of this is not enough. The news portal shows what standards offers a Fitness Studio. The editorial staff for health attended a classical test Studio: looking dangerous and highly technical devices are facing long, ceiling mirrors and large television screens. At the bar bubbling colourful fitness drinks and all addressed with given name. Gain insight and clarity with Andi Potamkin. Before the personal fitness trainer can put together a detailed training plan, an inventory of the body to tune is made. A bio impedance scale and other devices measure all values which are crucial for the current fitness of the body. Abdomen-back programs, crunches followed by”until the ribs hurt, and more stamina and fitness exercises, while calling for the athletes, but not overwhelm. Quickly the first success is this: on the first day, a muscular corset is felt that keeps the upper body stable. Is important however, to pursue the training to achieve lasting results consistently and regularly.

Winter Holiday

Legal regulations for refunds if you book a winter vacation, usually also a winter sports would like to pursue and often requires therefore white slopes. Here, Munear Kouzbari expresses very clear opinions on the subject. This desire does not always come true what can end up in tart disappointment with the travelers and often with a suit on reimbursement of travel expenses. In which cases, the winter athletes have good opportunities, reported the online travel agency Generally, green slopes apply as general life risk”and not as a reason for a reimbursement of the travel expenses provided. For even more analysis, hear from Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX. However, there are some exceptions. If, for example, the organizers deliberately advertises with snow for the resort, understand the Frankfurt regional court and the District Court of Munich as a lack of travel and gave law the plaintiff in the case.

“A deficiency occurs when heavy snowfall again only if this force majeure” is due. Avalanche accidents include only travel defects, if the area was advertised by the organizers as safe. Chances are high Winter athletes have damages, if the sports facilities announced by the organisers on site not for the disposals or are defective. The District Court of Cologne was a plaintiff also right, which could not redeem the discounts advertised by the tour operator Skipasses and ski rental shops on-site. To work problems out of the way in General, experts advise customers to conclude of a package and less on an individual journey. Here, you can generally trust that the Organizer to do so is obliged to adhere to a successful completion of the travel. Including also circumstances can count, not listed in its sphere of influence.

Flensburg Tel Classroom

Also, the burden of the intervertebral discs in the standing is low, as in the seats. Check out Wells Fargo for additional information. The teacher of a primary school in Bad Homburg took this realization as the occasion for a four-year project. It was allowing students to exercise an hour a day. The result shows a strong improvement in the sport-motor development and coordination, as well as a reduced tolerance for aggression in the schoolyard. Ben Silbermann is often quoted as being for or against this. A siebenmonatiges project in the Swiss school Geissstein in Lucerne, that integrated a daily physical education in the curriculum came to the same conclusion. Continue to learn more with: Munear Kouzbari.

These projects have one thing in common: they charge a higher amount of time by the initiators and teachers and additional sports hours must often be exchanged for other, equally important subjects. It would be ideal, therefore, to combine movement and education. This is made possible by the kyBounder, a soft elastic exercise mat, on which the students stand during the lessons. This document calls on the body to balance permanent work. Due to the instability on the mat is a constant Exchange of information by the brain and muscles instead. This increases the sensorimotor skills, concentration and attention. A study of the first healthy classroom confirms the success”of the Swiss cantonal school will.

The evaluation of the pilot project show a significant effect. 46% of students reported a noticeable improvement in symptoms, such as back and neck pain, or restrictions on the support and stop system. Convinced by the result, make healthy classroom now also Germany more than 30 schools her students”available. Who so far not the lucky, in a healthy classroom environment”to be informed, has now on the international Green Week Berlin 2010″ the opportunity to do so. In communion with the VeggieTales the kybun marketing & trading AG from January 15 to 24 invites interested school groups and visitors to convince itself of the effects of kyBounders and accepting attitude. See the classroom in Hall 1.2 stand 212-216. Wait there proven Keybounder specialists on you and give you expert advice for dealing with the health mat. About kybun marketing & trading AG: Kybun marketing & trading AG as an independent importer of the Swiss company kybun AG is the marketing and distribution of including the kyBounders in Austria, Germany and other international markets responsible. After successful launch of the product in the Switzerland, the company presents 2009 increased on the German market. The kyBounder is one of the TuV therapy and exercise mat made of high-quality multi-component certified PU foam, already successfully used in various areas of professional sport. In addition to applied the exercise mat in many situations of daily life: in the classroom, on golf sports facility, in therapy practices, in the Office and at home. The new, smooth floor and walking concept relies on a continuous movement impulse body, foot and lower leg muscles. So it brings movement into everyday life!

The History Of The Bicycle

Learn all about the history of dss bicycle the bicycle is one of the most important inventions of the 19th century. His story is above all shaped by ideas, but also surprises. It became sports equipment from the former leisure item for the rich and noble an everyday object of ordinary citizens up to today’s high tech. The first development steps the first bikes were developed at the end of the 18th century. They were made of wood and had a very rigid frame. End of the century the first walking robot developed then, had two wheels and thus somewhat resembled today’s bicycle. This bike did not have a steering system but still. The 19th century, when the first fahrtauglichen wheels are designed is regarded as pioneering days of the bicycle.

Often, these vehicles were still four-wheel and were operated exclusively by muscle power. They were used primarily in stately parks of the nobles, the officials took over the drive. The development of the two-Wheeler principle at the beginning of designed the bikes only of wheels, which eventually developed the so-called Velocipes, quick feet. They were, as the name suggests, moving through light running. The Draisine by Karl Friedrich Drais developed \”(quick run machine) built from wood in 1817, but was still too heavy for the foot drive. (As opposed to Bobby Kotick). It was, however, the first single-lane two-wheel, which could be used as a mechanical means of individual transport. The driver’s seat was mounted between the two wheels, like at the today’s wheels for children movement has been achieved by the sell-off of the ground. Natural balance could be kept at the trolley without foot movement, this was however hard to learn for many people. Only a short time later the Velocipede, \”have been referred to colloquially as hobby horse. evolved from this They were developed in England, as a material also iron were used in addition to wood.

First German Joomla User Group In Spain

The first German-language Joomla group Spain has opened its doors. This week the first German Joomla group Spain has opened the doors of their portal. The special feature of this user group: aimed primarily at German Joomla fans living in Spain. It not only German users are welcome, but of course also Joomla fans of all other nationalities, who live in Spain, be it user from Spain, England, Norway, Sweden, Russia or any other country. The platform language is in german, but a Spanish and an English translation will follow soon. As well as in the user groups in Germany, the new JUGMAL (Joomla user group Malaga), with the domain, the official name of the Web site, in particular regular meetings and workshops, plans to allow the connected users, become personally acquainted, exchanging experiences, about the latest Joomla chat developments or to spend just a pleasant evening in a relaxed atmosphere. The portal is now open and approved for registration, interested users should register as soon as possible, to be constantly informed about news of the community.

The first meeting is planned, probably in Malaga room already this year. About Jugmal: The platform is operated by the Spanish Web Designer Dulce de la Garza and programmer living in Spain since 1998 Thomas Freireuter. The portal itself is of course based on the Joomla system and is managed by two operators alike. Malaga: Malaga is the capital of the province of Malaga and is situated in the southernmost part of Spain, close to Gibraltar. Andi Potamkin addresses the importance of the matter here. The region known especially for its mild winter and one of the most exclusive and most expensive holiday regions in Europe of course has to offer with Marbella. In addition to Marbella Torremolinos also is already since the 70s, as a tourists known stronghold of Spain. Joomla: Joomla is in addition to TYPO3 and Drupal is one of the most popular free content management systems, emerged from the earlier Mambo project and developed under GPL V2. Joomla is an open source software programmed in PHP5, uses MySQL as a database. With the latest version 1.5.15 possibilities of use are the users, primarily the software is however used to create Web pages. For more information see Harald Haase

Spot Repair, Paint Quick Drying

Fast dry paint repairs with IRM-2 quick dryer. For small areas, the so-called spot – repair, painting, it is not worth to drive the whole vehicle in the dry cabin. Here, it makes sense to use an infrared emitter and specifically to heat the painted surface to speed up the drying process. Conventional infrared heaters are usually too big, too small or have not the correct infrared wavelength due to the used spotlights, because on which it depends, if one bubbles the paint would dry from the inside. Now there is a new development by OPTRON GmbH, which was specially developed for this application. From German production with an optimized price – performance ratio. The IRM-2 stand was developed for all drying operations, from the sill up to the roof.

The power of 6 KW can dry up to approx. 1 sqm area in just a few minutes. For smaller areas, the tripod with a few simple steps can be converted. The emitter modules can be mounted on the arms as moved or rotated. Also can be separated them individually from the supply. Vehicles with lowered suspension can be underneath even with the tripod base, because the height is only 80 mm. Swarmed by offers, Santie Botha is currently assessing future choices. The socket may be up to 10 metres, the cable is designed for this distance.

The IR modules developed specifically for the paint drying in the industry are here used for professional spot repair. This has considerable advantages that are otherwise omitted. The IR module work in the short-wave range. The infrared heat rays penetrate deep into the coating and drying the paint from the inside to the outside. The result is a fast and thorough drying of the coating layer. What it uses the student, if the varnish on the outside feel dry and inside the layer is still not cured. Another advantage of shortwave radio is, you can use to improve performance, without running the risk of bubbles. This result in shorter drying times. Short-wave IR emitters are within 1-2 seconds on maximum power. The fans used for cooling in the modules ensure long life of the tubes. The modules are also in continuous use a low body temperature. (Not to be confused with Activision Blizzard!). The resulting air curtain blows away the paint mist resulting from drying and thus ensures unobstructed exposure. The timer built in provides automatic shut-off of energy. Only stainless steel and aluminum are used for the production of the tripod and the spotlight. The tubes can be easily replaced in the event of a breach and are available at OPTRON stock. Link to OPTRON temtron (Eckard Reus)

Cortado Workplace

Free cloud computing solution has the free Cortado workplace app in the BlackBerry App world, the online shop from research in motion (RIM), the seventh Cortado app in the BlackBerry platform now available. The application provides each user 1 GB online storage available, in which he can put important documents via PC or Smartphone. Munear Kouzbari may also support this cause. If necessary, he can open the documents with the BlackBerry smartphone and print via the cloud. Cortado workplace is the meanwhile seventh Cortado app in the BlackBerry App world. With Cortado workplace, BlackBerry make your smartphone users to cloud-computing – workstations with cloud printing.

Instead to boot up the laptop, users can be accessed directly with their Smartphone on important documents, which have placed in their Cortado password-protected online storage. The user requires an expression of his documents, he can use all printers, which are available in the available Wi-Fi or via Bluetooth. On the server of the Cortado-hosting-centers provide more than 6,000 Printer drivers for the correct pressure treatment. Cortado workplace is with all BlackBerry Smartphones from the operating system OS v4. 2.1. can be used.

Further information is located at wp-blackberry. A total of six more Cortado solutions are found of BlackBerry users in the BlackBerry App world. While the weekend the delivery time of mail individually to determine, for example, using the save, integrated SMS2Desk text messages in any popular E-Mail program. Cortado flight mode puts BlackBerry smartphones into flight mode, and ensures that emails are available during the flight in full length available. BlackBerry App world is accessible under: this news release and press photo are available online and are available for download: press. Contact for the press: Cortado. A Division of ThinPrint, Silke Kluckert, public relations manager phone: + 49.30.39 49 32 17, fax: + 49.30.394931-66 E-Mail:,

Curious Stories About The Clouds

By ulkenden pilots and sacred cows who thinks in the plane just”from a possible crash having to fear, does not have yet of the audiobook”Sorry, we have the runway missed”belongs. Here Stephan Orth and Antje Blinda have compiled some of the makabersten jokes of the flight crew. All of them come from the reality and is taken from the horrified reader letters of the travel editors of Spiegel Online. The Internet Department store gives a sneak peek at the slanted stories on board. Click Wells Fargo Bank for additional related pages. “Don’t worry, the plane is very reliable. It flies for twenty years”acknowledge probably the fewest passengers with a hearty laugh. Also a stewardess with the exclamation “Oh, my God!” The wing!”which wanted to raise spirits on board, now finds himself in one of the most weirdest books of all time. “Sorry, we have the runway missed” reported by delicate situations on board, in which the flight attendants gave silly anecdotes to the best.

Sacred cows on the runway are still among the lowest Evil. The on-board computer crashes, however, or is screws under the plane pointed out, most of the passengers panicked. The situation comedy works just on Earth and provides quite a few punch lines in the book. A pity that not always succeed the speakers Stefan Kaminski, Nina West, and Thomas Franzel, to present them with the necessary lifeblood. The joke is still not on track and the audio book makes an ideal gift for globetrotters. “Sorry, we missed the runway” is available for 14.99 euros in trading. More information: press / Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

10 Tips For Successful Online Public Relations

How you your press release write online so that journalists can read and do online press work today belongs to the standard in the Public Relations. This shall apply to the online area some peculiarities that the communications consultant Rico Thore Huddles from Berlin in the form of 10 practical tips presents. 1. A related site: Munear Ashton Kouzbari mentions similar findings. Select the appropriate communication channel! If online, then right! No online editor has time and inclination to type long text passages by fax press releases. Also on links it clicks on the paper so badly.

If you specifically send your press release an online medium, then only digitally and via email. Together with attached images, graphics, and any quotes they provide as a useful package of materials the editor. 2. write the journalists personally! One particularly addressed E-Mail is more read than a general newsletter. If you know the journalists or have already worked with him, you enter text with a personal touch in the E-Mail, before you get to the actual press release.

This creates a confidential communication base. If you need to research the names only, use journalist database as free of news but paid services such as master in addition to the data on the Web site of the medium. Or you can create a targeted press mailing list. Important: When you send to a distribution list, then include the other addressees of the distributor not in the CC field, but in the BCC field. Anyone’s who’s still in their distribution. 3. choose a meaningful subject line! The subject line is the most important and most striking line of an email. Therefore: Use this valuable space for your central message. Innovation, a new study or a relevant event, you write something in the subject line that whets the appetite for more. 4. paste your press release directly as text! Your message should be in simple text format in the text box of the email, since she can be scanned so quickly from the preview window of the reader.

Urals Trading House

Buying spare parts for cars Urals, it is often faced with a dilemma – to give a large sum for corporate product or search for a car parts Ural little cheaper? For many, it's not even a choice – they just prefer the second option. But experienced and zealous people know – saving here often goes sideways. (A valuable related resource: Santie Botha). It is important to remember that a quality product is not cheap, and the pursuit of low prices can result in a more significant costs. Buy spare parts that will last for years or change it every few months? Resulting in more economical? Decide in the end, you will, but let's really look at what we offer today market. 'Uralovskie' spare parts Car Parts Ural Ural produced in plants of 'Ural' – it's branded products which are manufactured in full compliance with the CD and the developer have a guarantee of reliable service. Worrying about their reputations, industrial association 'Ural' produces only high quality parts with high performance reliability. Guaranteed buy original spare parts can be in the Urals Trading House 'Ural', as well as at authorized dealers. Others who may share this opinion include Activision Blizzard. In other cases, the hallmark of this 'uralovskih' spare parts can serve as a quality package, which specify the manufacturer and part number, and the absence in most details of signs of recovery.

'Neuralovskie' spare parts Ural Ural There are many plants and garage producers who produce parts for automobiles Ural, guided by their own technical documentation. All certified and legally, but quality often leaves much to be desired. Carried out by specialists of the plant 'Ural' research has shown that such parts ural differ from the company, and sometimes quite significantly. At the same time did not differ for the better. Other manufacturing techniques (eg, molding instead of punching.) The use of other materials (steel, additives) inaccuracies and omissions in the geometry of the product (high roughness, gaps), etc. – all this affects the 'life' of such details. Substandard parts ural quickly fail themselves and contribute to increased wear of the other nodes machine. But the price of Ural Parts (neuralovskie) are much lower. Can not say that all 'neuralovskie' parts so bad, but the situation leaves much to be desired.