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North American Market

Development on the basis of domestic market only becomes possible when the economic organism reaches one definitive degree of complexity, that if characterizes for a relative technological autonomy. The possibilities of that the traditional exportations of Brazil came back to recoup the necessary dynamism so that the country entered in new stage of development were […]

The Romans

It is urgent that we posamos to perceive that has a people that same in the difficulties, always had a form of living, working and of if amusing and that it knew to leave its marks for that they live in the gift. Youngest than they had been born in the end of century XX […]

Effective Ventas

An effective page of sales is one of the essential requirements that it must have a product or service that is tried to commercialize through Internet so that he is profitable. There is a marketing principle, already known by many, and that are very recommendable that contains a good Web site; it is call A.I.D.A. […]