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The Real Plan

The Real currency (R$) made 15 years day 01/07/2009 Our protagonist, the Real currency come back. In the truth a tool of the REAL PLAN. She is necessary still to come back in the time to make right the chronology of this plan: In May of 1993 it assumes the Treasury department Fernando Enrique Cardoso, […]

Financial Segment

In the financial segment, the banks need to value its strong points differentiate that it of the competitors and to always prezar for a lasting relationship, after all the banking products and services are very similar, and the importance of satisfied customers is the yield to the long stated period, therefore maturados customers already generate […]

The Group

The groups of companies are joint companies and concentrate the enerprise. in which two types or classes of concentration exist that are the following: groups of companies with subordination relation and groups of companies with coordination relation. In first subject companies they are a the decisions of the other companies, whereas in the second all […]

Multimarket According Income

Another factor was the appositive one in on companies to the exportation sector, although the fall of the dollar. Mendes explains that the high demand for Brazilian products, mainly of China, had justified the decision. BB goes up and is in quartoDTVM appositive in deep with public headings and private of fixed income, it reorganizes […]

American FED

We attend to an explosion of the world-wide commerce and the prices and demand of commodities. The oil arrived 100 US$ the barrel prenunciando an energy shock that finished not happening, at least so far. The Winter, that would be the second contraction and according to Kondrantieff a depression, was initiated by return of 2000 […]