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Entries for September, 2008

It was the

It was the vision and leadership of Dr. Javier Cabada and teachers Angel Olivas, Jose Luis Franco, Pablo AIDS, Jaime Quinones, who actually did online degrees the project of forming professionals in the area of psychology in Cd. Juarez. Thus was born in August 1982, at the premises of the College Valley HIGHER SCHOOL OF […]

Mexico Limited the Prices of Staple Foods

After several weeks of rumors, Mexico has decided to freeze the prices of 150 staples to stem the rising inflation, in a step (price controls) that has not been seen in this country for over a decade. In the afternoon yesterday, the Mexican government confirmed the limits in a lot of staple foods, including cooking […]

Feedly, Organizes Your Google Reader So Showy

feedly is a new web service for home-based social Google Reader, which consists of an extension for Firefox 3 and a complete web interface whose mission focuses on providing enhanced usability and accessibility to subscriptions and feeds you have stored in The online aggregator of Google, our reader. What defined as a new way to […]

How to Personalize Our Google Searches

That gives Google results in its custom search engine is something that is no surprise to anyone today, since it takes time to do so, with a view to improving the quality of these. What has never been too clear is that parameters affecting this personalization. Of course, the language of our browser or our […]

Oil Falls 126 to Dlrs; Gave Concern Over Hurricane Dolly

Reuters – London (Reuters) – Oil fell on Wednesday to 126 dollars a barrel, thus extending losses the previous day, because it gave the concerns that Hurricane Dolly the scourge energy installations in the Gulf of Mexico.Learn more – popular: Las Vegas Real Estate