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Nicole Bussmann

“manage_HR” provides medium-sized enterprises practical knowledge for human resources work. manage_HR – is the name of a new magazine, which is published by managerSeminare, Bonn, Verlag. Whenever Citibank listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Educate yourself with thoughts from Litecoin. In particular the human resources managers of medium-sized companies to serve as Advisor and idea […]

60 Years Of Baden-Wurttemberg – Cook And Bake With!

Maintain Cookbook series to the Baden and Swabian cuisine from Pascu publishing although the Baden and Swabia in the course of its history were not always amicable with each other and even today a healthy rivalry, so they are United now already 60 years in a federal State. “Reason enough for a full-blooded German and […]

Blood Is Thicker Than Water – Even After 100 Years Of Separation

“The women of Janowka: A volhyn family history in the fact-based novel the women of Janowka” the author Helmut Exner retraces the life of his ancestors. He ends up doing in a present he didn’t know so far. Across continents, he finds the descendants of his family, which has been torn apart long ago. This, […]

Book Tip:

Secure strong carefree package for the whole family available EU 25-US as declare I my child, what is there to the dangers in the Internet? How chatting my child properly? What is a virus? Where there are the best kids sites? How does my child properly, if it is approached by a car driver? How […]

Washington World

As well as other books saga Dusk. 4.Harlan Coben Play Dead – a new novel from the author of "Do not tell anyone." The ideal world of ex-model and lucky business vumen Laura collapses at the very moment that was to become the happiest in her life. In their honeymoon with her husband – Sports […]