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Productive Meetings

Why As many Meetings in a Company? How To survive the Enfadonhas Meetings? How To prepare itself For Productive Meetings? The enterprise world is suffocated with as many business-oriented meetings. Not them meetings with customers? what are highly productive? but the internal meetings in the organizations. Recent research indicates that the managemental level of a […]

Picture Company

In accordance with Chiavenato (2008,) through the training and of the development, the people can assimilate the repassed information better, learn new abilities, correct missed vices, get different behaviors and develop new concepts. With the trained employees she will have a broken reduction in expenses with equipment and parts or you spend for missed use, […]


Companies of Success who Apply the Participativa Management Many organizations had obtained to arrive at the top, through the participation and valuation of the inestimable patrimony of its organizations, the intellectual capital of its internal customers. In the Herman Miller, industry of style furniture, already was perceived that the secret of the success this in […]

GAC Fruits Company

Already Wools Houses (2006, P. 26) follow thought of Kotler the same defining the marketing of the following form: Marketing is the area of the knowledge that engloba all the concernentes activities to the exchange relations, guided for the satisfaction of the desires and necessities of the consumers, aiming at to always reach definitive objectives […]

Sustainable Development

One was about a huge project to establish connection the nine cities through paisagstico, cultural, gastronmico and religious the tourism typical of the region. From the PRODESUS, was created an Advice of Sustainable Development of the Fourth Colony? CONDESUS, which joins the nine cities for promotion of the development of the region. The CONDESUS is […]

Email Marketing Tips

The companies in the Internet are opening the eyes it to be able to collect given of its visitors, in order to add them as potential customers and subscribers for its emails with the intention to make marketing. This type of marketing is very common with the enrolled professionals who already possess a great one […]

Marketing Propaganda

Through it the companies can keep cooperation of its intermediate, to make familiar its customers to the use of manufactured products, to create credibility image, to launch new products, to stimulate demand, to create mark loyalty, to emphasize characteristics of the products, among others intentions (WOOLS HOUSES, 1997). It is through the propaganda that the […]