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Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence or incontinence is one of the most common urological disease in the world. This illness, which is not to say out loud, has a negative impact on health, as may be the cause cancer. This dramatically affected the quality of life of patients in a social and hygienic terms. Donald Gordon has much […]

Childrens Medicines

Estimated head of state control of preclinical and clinical drug Roszdravnadzor Sergei Filyunina, the regulatory framework governing the conduct of clinical trials of drugs in Russia, are being developed for the treatment of children, not perfect. In 2007 came into effect on regulation of the European Parliament and Council of 12.12.2006, the EU 1901/2006. This […]

The Body

On and large, we should all be thin. That is, the rule of nature. There is no need here to say that God created all different. Yes, we have different color hair, different skin color, different facial features and so on, but he did not intend any who mutilate. In nature, there is no fat […]

Smoking And Poor Diet

All these factors contribute to someone who will grow strong and who is weak. Why do some people are smoking and eating poorly, can live to 90 years, and others – have poor health and prone to disease, leading relatively healthy lives? It is known that, in spite of physical condition, some people become victims […]

Raise The Limit Of Health – Or How To Have A Rest

Daily hilarious routine often the cause of many diseases. Because of the physical and mental fatigue weakens the body, worsening the immune system. The constant lack of positive emotions leads to a different family breakdowns. In other words, you need to properly remove a negative background, and this requires a right to rest. It's summer […]

Medical Suits

Of course, the main symbol of the medical sphere is the white suit. In these days to present any doctor without a coat is almost unreal. Until recently, employees of medical practice and could not think that in their uniforms penetrate fashion. And now presented a very wide range of gowns in color, a style […]