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Qualification To The Certified Event Manager EventWerker

a cooperation of NBS Northern business school and the EventWerkern of Hamburg for the first time provides the network EventWerker Germany under the leadership of EventWerker Hamburg on a holistic training program for the certified event Manager. In a joint venture between NBS Northern business school (scientific management, implementation) and the founder and initiator which […]

Wide Product Range

AWD: Dropouts from insurance companies see study by Stiftung Warentest confirms Hanover in September 2009: also this year remains an insufficient, excess or simply a topical subject to expensive insurance coverage for potential dropouts. AWD offers personal consulting services for customers. These can optimize the individual insurance protection, adapt it to the real life situation, […]


A copywriter for beauty products chat about trends and text. Official site: Marko Dimitrijevic, author. Average, every German old Mannheim – spends over 14 years monthly 26.10 euros for cosmetics. Especially wellness care, organic natural cosmetics and specialty products are in demand with lifting effect. A delightful task is to advertise cosmetics, to develop ideas […]

The Objective

The QM consultants ensures that acceptance in the project team, by he clarifies in individual discussions with the team, which have involved managers and staff to the project task. Finally, he informed about the objective of the project and the process, all project-internal and external requirements and processes, about the importance of the project for […]

Tettnang Braitmaier

Services from Tettnang Braitmaier inform the professional cleaning of real estate is not particularly complicated. In particular in the private sphere, it belongs to the commonplaces of everyday life. Given this circumstance, many private individuals and commercial question, what benefits they draw from this to put on an external cleaning specialist will make. The cleaning […]

Commercial Register

How do you get reliable company information? Can you also order an extract from the trade register and get? In Germany, there are many local commercial register, where the headquarters of the company (GmbH, KG, AG, OHG, E.k. UG) determined at the trade register in Germany has been entered. The commercial register is freely available, […]

Stuttgart Berlin Vienna

Escort Stuttgart accompanied Mr from the upper social classes by the most beautiful moments of the night there are gentlemen from the upscale social layer, usually with good income, entrepreneur, Manager, consultant, but also doctors, artists and professionals who like to take advantage of the services of an attractive lady from escort Stuttgart. You usually […]

More Sales Through Mobile Card Terminals:

Cashless payment delivery services can only benefit in Ratingen, September 2010. Increase sales by card acceptance? What is taken for granted in many parts of the trade, is still an exception in the mobile catering. Just the booming market for delivery services not advantage is the enormous revenue potential of cashless payment. But how, for […]

Thescon Advises Companies On Green Logistics & Green Supply Chain Management

THESCON uses ‘Green Grow’ a consultation method that ensures a sustainable and value-oriented business development to Solms, June 22, 2010 – the theme of green supply chain management is becoming increasingly important for companies. The topic was limited balance sheets or footprints initially more on creating CO2″, the entire value chain in the focus moves […]