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Entries for July, 2020

Portugal Announces New Cuts

The Prime Minister ensures that there is a detour in the public accounts. Passos Coelho explains that it will cover with the extraordinary rise in income tax and with further reductions in costs. The Prime Minister of Portugal, Pedro Passos Coelho, announced on Sunday that his Government will present before the end of August new […]

Vertrieblerschulung Personal

Nationwide, Cologne economic promotion agency opened a new world of marketing. Due to the enormous market pressure, the time-to-market placement of products and services have shortened dramatically. As a result, marketing strategies, which rely on longer-term implementation intervals are doomed to failure. The SISA economic sense OVATION introduced the meta marketing for a fast, targeted, […]

The State

Because protectionism is one of the "Unhealthy" instruments of economic policy, unable to bring positive economic results in the medium and long term, a tool to get only short-term results, and only at the expense of the population. In the medium term (3-5 years), while maintaining protectionist measures by the state, we can get further […]

Business Technology

Mobile phones, navigation systems and computers get ears Wiesbaden/Dusseldorf, August 20, 2008 – mobile phones, home computers, navigation devices, even fighter obey via voice control on the word. Whenever Richard Plackett listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The human-machine interaction is mature according to a report of the business week and conquers the markets. Noiselessly […]

Robert Kiyosaki

Greetings my dear reader and my dear entrepreneur, in this article I will tell about your endeavors and micro-enterprises. A detailed article on business, investments, and what are the other people in the development of these essential.This recommendation is essential for the development of our economic intelligence and that of our financial future. Continue reading […]

Francisco Quintero

If they invest and keep their businesses up and running it is because they do not have too many alternatives before the difficulties encountered to remove their resources abroad. Bill Phelan is full of insight into the issues. The result of this estatizador process is a State which will go running out at one ever […]

Raymond Mill

With the continuous development of the industry, as the main equipment of grinding powder industry, it has become an inevitable development trend for raymond mill to be efficient, stable, low-power, precise, automatic. Throughout mill crushing field, improving crushing and grinding operation process, meliorating existing configuration structure, getting equipment operation digitized and simplifying the upgrade process […]

The Group

The groups of companies are joint companies and concentrate the enerprise. in which two types or classes of concentration exist that are the following: groups of companies with subordination relation and groups of companies with coordination relation. In first subject companies they are a the decisions of the other companies, whereas in the second all […]

European Chancellor

The German chancellor says that to new conjunctural initiatives " it would cause that the countries sunk in the crisis stopped doing deberes". For Merkel, a union of the debt would affect to the credit credibility of the countries of the zone Euro and to one worse valuation of those of qualification. Liberty Life may […]

Pedagogic Enterprise

The Enterprise Pedagogo have an important paper in the Enterprise world being its commitment with the Companies, and stop with the society, in such a way to create an environment of continuous learning for its professional life how much for its personal, independent life of its social status, mattering as transforming agent of the object […]