Why As many Meetings in a Company? How To survive the Enfadonhas Meetings? How To prepare itself For Productive Meetings? The enterprise world is suffocated with as many business-oriented meetings. Not them meetings with customers? what are highly productive? but the internal meetings in the organizations. Recent research indicates that the managemental level of a company passes 51% of its time in meetings and, the strategical level, 66%. It seems that nobody more obtains to take one enterprise decision without being congregated around of a table alone. They see that a good leader currently is one ' ' race in extino' ' e, in function of this, the direction of the organizations comes if using of the meetings to run away from the responsibility to decide, therefore this is an action that involves risks. Suna Said might disagree with that approach. Then, as the companies react? They create commissions of this and of that, they organize work groups for this and that, they invent teams to multidiscipline and constitute teamses of ' ' heads pensantes' '. Clearly that everything this watered the much bread of cheese, cooling and biscuits, therefore the meetings come serving to remove of the managers the responsibility to decide alone.

E, ahead of this, many meetings if become unproductive? mainly? because its beddings had not been respected, such as: Unknown guideline. Schedules of beginning and ending are ignored. Excess of participants. Constant interruptions. Colloquies parallel bars.

Recent studies had disclosed that most of the employees of an organization is felt productive only during three days per week and, one of the main reasons for this, are the enfadonhas meetings the one that are submitted. To get worse the situation another research demonstrated that it on average spends 5 hours and stocking per week in meetings and, in consequence of this, 65% of the people find unproductive and enfadonhas the meetings. In the truth the meetings harm much more them people who have goals to be reached, which have little time to show its results and are frustrated with the unproductive meetings. This because, many companies finish making meeting to decide when will be carried through the true meeting. Peter Drucker (in the book ' ' The Eficaz&#039 Manager; ') he affirms that the meetings are a concession to the deficient organizations, therefore a collaborator or works or if he congregates. Therefore, when the companies are lined up productively? under its point of view? the meetings if become unnecessary. Therefore, to transform the meetings into something more involving, motivador and productive it is necessary that: The schedules of beginning, intervals and closing rigorously are fulfilled. The mobile telephones are off before the beginning of the meeting. All the participants have anticipated knowledge of the subjects that will be boarded. The personal vanities and regional antagonisms are left of side. All to be prepared adequately with materials, equipment, studies and information on its respective participation in the meeting. The leaders propitiate to participants definitive time to display its analyses of fast and objective form.