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Free Event Experts Assess

With ‘MyPlace & self’ large and small ‘treasures’ find on Saturday the MyPlace self storage provider offers the 7 November 2009\”the Stuttgarters a very special service: for the first time each inhabitant of city and environment from 14:00 can 17:00 at the newly opened MyPlace site in Stuttgart, Plaetzwiese road 130, the value of its […]

Austria Turnkey

Brokers, property managers, financial services as well as other participants of the real estate and finance industry can operate from now a private real estate assessment portal. Everywhere in Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, or the Switzerland residential real estate turnkey evaluation portals to evaluate online. Owners or prospective buyers use like the self-service of IMMOBILIENWERT24, when […]

Market Survey Equipment

Electronic Total Station Leica, Sokkia, Trimble and Nikon – the market leaders tacheometric In today's market survey equipment, including electronic total stations of all classes of accuracy, there is a recognized flagship company of which and will be discussed in this article. To begin with, the total station is a device that is used for […]

Wholesale Company

Functionality and features of the universal information system "KIS Lack look at the cut features popular configurations "1C: Small Business Management 8." In a single information database maintained: * Buyers suppliers, employees and contacts * banking and cash operations * payments to contractors and the budget; * records of raw materials, goods, commodities, insurance and […]


Currently, we live social and productive transformations that the service of the man places considered resources and possibilities until then utopian. The world is each time more dynamic e, in this context, to rethink concepts if becomes inevitable and necessary in relation our choices and position while educators. The pertaining to school environment is not […]