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Career: Factors Influencing The Success

When the human resources department developed, along with the heads of other departments, they attended the Annual Training Programme of the company. faces a mandatory phase development underlying the success of programs to develop over the year. But the surprise is that to complete the program detects that there are problems or difficulties in the […]

Pedagogic Enterprise

The Enterprise Pedagogo have an important paper in the Enterprise world being its commitment with the Companies, and stop with the society, in such a way to create an environment of continuous learning for its professional life how much for its personal, independent life of its social status, mattering as transforming agent of the object […]


But, these are bad advice. These phrases reflect a bad understanding than they are the emotions. That is to say, that the emotions are a surplus of million years of evolution, and that a more perfect person would have to be necessarily more less emotional rational and. Therefore, many think that the emotions are as […]

Management Performance

Nobody said that the life is easy, only said that it is worth the pain to live it. Of course, the fact dese described like manager, does not avoid that the emotions appear, of the importance of to know how to handle them of such form, that they do not generate conflicts, imbalance, stress, quite […]

Salnikov Victoria Image

Modern life is unthinkable without the digital technology that is safe to conquer new areas of production, including design. And here the question arises as used in the production methods storage of design documents meet the requirements of modernity? Many engineering departments continue to use traditional paper media, which take up much space, wear out […]