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Entries for October, 2021

Nontoxic Childrens Clothing

Are children who grow up in used clothes really healthier? There are many reasons for parents to buy the clothes of their dear little 2nd hand. Not only the savings of many thousand euros in the infant and toddler years are one reason, but increasingly enters the health of the offspring in the foreground with […]

In The Spring – Right Feed Koi Feeds Koi

Subtitle must be written… We’ve been waiting on it, now it’s finally here: spring can wake up us and nature from the winter’s inertia. And also the water in the local pond heats up slowly but surely. The valuable and demanding Koi fish require special feed at this time. Koi are cold-blooded animals, also the […]

Foreign Exchange Market

Market analysis of divisasEuro-dollar break 1.34 area will lead to a collapse in the medium term the euro stopped only 4 pts above the resistance specified in the report yesterday, 1,3648, and remained strong, breaking the 1,3589 bracket, and successfully the first proposed objective of 1,3496. Also came close to the second objective of 1,3442 […]