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Entries for February, 2017

International Cooperation

For five people to three rooms, a total of 270,000 rubles for five days. It is almost seven times greater than for a stay of the exhibition’s most expensive rented apartment! To save, you can choose a hotel easier and far away, such as three-star Izmailovo (metro station “Guerrilla”) with numbers on the economy-2,5 thousand […]

Meeting New People

To meet new people just need a few things like: 1 – Change of environment 2 – Have Ample and tolerance mentality 3-Time to meet 4-Many people desire and patience you explain each point in the first point we refer to most important to meet new people, is to change the places where they usually […]

Self Awareness

Many times we come across people who always seem to fair badly in life. they are closed in themselves, looking to isolate itself, instead of combining themselves, or in the seio of the family, or in the most diverse groups. Almost always they are very critical, very demanding, wanting that everything is made to its […]