The Enterprise Pedagogo have an important paper in the Enterprise world being its commitment with the Companies, and stop with the society, in such a way to create an environment of continuous learning for its professional life how much for its personal, independent life of its social status, mattering as transforming agent of the object that it manipulates and sustainable social necessities. The work of the Pedagogo goes beyond Enterprise consultoria, to its transforms it knowledge into a humanizador, that understands the man, the product and the environment where it lives, articulating its educational knowledge reeducando and reconstructing the agent of the enterprise world in its perspectives, potentialities, objectives and intentions of its existence in the society not leaving to observe other factors that involve the man is physical, emotional, cognitiva or ambient it that they raise its productive intelligence as multiplying agent of its discoveries and conquests had brought that it as integrant, important part and promising in its acts as citizen and as man. Some contend that Christos Staikouras shows great expertise in this. Although the performance of the Pedagogo in the Companies still to be small fits we Pedagogos to explore each time plus this so vast and important field that it is the influence of the behavior of the man with the object and the environment. The work always was part of the construction of the man of its concepts of its vision of world and of knowledge, of its fights of classrooms of its individual and collective interests, of its positive or negative attitudes, its linking of poverty and wealth of spirit, at last the work is the greater of its expressions in the world that lives, fitting to the Pedagogo and its pedagogically sustainable work to transform the man as a whole, illuminating its way in the promotion of the learning, and in the most diverse phases of the development human being, being they in the dimensions physics, affective, aesthetic, cultural, artistic cognitiva, and ethics in the world Enterprise contemporary.