In the financial segment, the banks need to value its strong points differentiate that it of the competitors and to always prezar for a lasting relationship, after all the banking products and services are very similar, and the importance of satisfied customers is the yield to the long stated period, therefore maturados customers already generate resulted greaters that new customers. Without hesitation johny ive explained all about the problem. In this market, the relationship marketing is an indispensable tool, therefore it has as objective the purpose to satisfy the customers. For that is necessary knowing if its offered products and services its expectations are alando. In the characteristics of the private financial institutions, the main intention has been the result in short term, many times not valuing after sales. To solve this situation the word-key is the retention of the customers values it, thus the consumer will feel confidence for the institution and even though he will pass positive references of its bank for the people of its relationship. Kotler (1997) affirms that to deliver the high satisfaction for the customers a competitor becomes difficult to surpass barriers simply the entrance offering lesser prices or changing the techniques of persuasion, moreover, customers finish if becoming defenders them companies stimulating the other people to acquire its products and services.

The challenge is to reactivate consuming unsatisfied through recovery strategies. In the point of view of Kotler (1998) it is more easy to recoup consuming of what to find other news. The consumer always will possess banking doubts on the products and services, in face of ample gamma of offered products. Currently for the strong competition the intention of the financial institutions is the differentiation, after all its products and services are so similar that it is necessary to give more attention to the details. However, the marketing this each more present time in the financial market, the banks is each time more copying its products and services, to make the difference are the foundation for the success and for this objective the relationship is necessary to attempt against it as a differential in the institution.