The groups of companies are joint companies and concentrate the enerprise. in which two types or classes of concentration exist that are the following: groups of companies with subordination relation and groups of companies with coordination relation. In first subject companies they are a the decisions of the other companies, whereas in the second all the companies they are in equality situation, for that reason it is clear that to celebrate this contract as it is the contract of group of companies is due to go to not improvised specialistic lawyers and to, because they are very specific subjects that they require specialists. In such sense in these assumptions of enterprise concentration the relation of direction or coordination of the grouped companies must be agreed to, in such sense it is clear that a case is the groups of societies, and other cases are the groups of cooperatives, groups of individual companies of limited responsibility, groups of industrialists who exert the company under the form of natural people besides which they run or nonenrolled in the registry of retailers of registries public. Besides the combined assumptions for example the group of cooperatives and communal companies, groups of cooperatives and individual companies of limited responsibility, groups of cooperatives and industrialists who exert the company under the form of natural people, and in any case what we want to demonstrate that he is not exclusive of the societies, but this assumption of enterprise concentration can happen between all type of companies. Thus regulation deserves corresponding in right Peruvian, nevertheless, in the same only finds consecration legislative in right club and in right banking, thus is clear that a new legislation in the Peruvian right, that makes but the Peruvian but also foreign investments easy not only, in a more and more competitive market becomes necessary as it is the Peruvian market..