Through it the companies can keep cooperation of its intermediate, to make familiar its customers to the use of manufactured products, to create credibility image, to launch new products, to stimulate demand, to create mark loyalty, to emphasize characteristics of the products, among others intentions (WOOLS HOUSES, 1997). It is through the propaganda that the consumer goes to identify to the necessity and desire of the purchase, and from verifying the viability of same when observing the announcements and offers there. ' ' The half promocional propaganda as presents advantages to reach a definitive number of consumers in accordance with the characteristics and the objectives aimed at for organizao.' ' (WOOLS HOUSES, 2000). Sampaio (1999) complements the way of propaganda with the following tools: ) Merchandising: carried through efforts of communication in the point-of-sales of products or places of use of services, directly on the consumers, the actions of merchandising can happen separately or in set with campaigns of promotion, promotion of sales or propaganda. As part of basic communication merchandising uses any type of material printed matter (posters, displays, brochures, banderoles, bands of gondola, etc.), wooden, plastic or metal, I contend performances, phrases and photographs. Lately, with the great advance of the electronics and computer science, they start to appear other formats of merchandising, as terminals of video (also interactive) and diverse types of luminous plates (with or without movement). If the term Marketing means ' ' action in mercado' ' , the term merchandising means ' ' action in mercadoria' ' , of where it elapses that all the elements of the made up of marketing must be gifts (WOOLS HOUSES, 1997).

In accordance with Boiler Da Silva (1995, P. 261 apud WOOLS HOUSES. 1997), they are operations of merchandising: adequate 1.Exposio and presentation of the products; 2.Verificao of the supply levels; 3.Verificao of the prices; 4.Verificao of the date of validity of the products; 5.Treinamento adjusted in the places; 6.Comunicao adjusted in the place; daily 7.Ateno of compatible sales; 8.Verificao of the state of the material in the point-of-sales; 9.Amostragem and demonstration of products in the sales point.