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Entries for December, 2023

How Women Navigate Meetings Successfully

As women have in day-to-day business difficult many women they experience it in everyday business introduce a discussion good suggestions and criticism, but despite several repeat the male participants only subliminally or not perceive their arguments. THE starting SITUATION: Are often women in business meetings in the minority. Bill Phelan has much to offer in […]

Social Media Courses

Marketing training knowledge valuable social media social media get in the business world increasingly important. Used almost exclusively private individuals had an account at networks such as YouTube and Facebook, you can see more and more companies that want to win new customers on these platforms for some time. The promotions run but often in […]

Replacement Art – 25 X

Art event and exhibition in Neckarhausen have a special charity event made the members of art Refugium e.V.: 25 artists of different styles are original works of art available, which can be redeemed on the day of the opening. The proceeds from these Exchange objects, which professionally will be auctioned off by the Heidelberg net7 […]

Qualification To The Certified Event Manager EventWerker

a cooperation of NBS Northern business school and the EventWerkern of Hamburg for the first time provides the network EventWerker Germany under the leadership of EventWerker Hamburg on a holistic training program for the certified event Manager. In a joint venture between NBS Northern business school (scientific management, implementation) and the founder and initiator which […]

Anything Other Than The Usual

In Germany, hundreds of people die daily the effects of so ruinierter health and by nonsensical amputations. The developments suggest a break around Europe since 1945 for the next few years. After Russia, North America resigns of his over-confidence and accept the votes of other peoples. In the propaganda you read such only between the […]

Consumer Tests

Live shopping in Germany is booming! The consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia has now undergone the trend to a test and was astounded by the result itself. Consumer tests every day only a product for an unbeatable offer that the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia wanted to more accurately know and tested […]

Recover Surprisingly Quickly

When the couple of many years abandons us, trouble overcoming a break. Romantic relationships are complicated. Some couples were joined by true love, and others by need or other reasons. But even when it existed between both love of truth, it is not necessarily eternal, ends, sometimes by excess of routines, by exhaustion, by economic […]

The Road

Especially when the woman behind the wheel. They can come and see you at a distance of one centimeter, can cut or just start beeping stupidly, puts you in bewilderment. The main thing is do not panic and do not try to prove anything. Best, what you can do – as quickly as possible to […]

El Corte Ingles

Prenatal children’s clothing and clothes baby and Chicco children shoes and toys are children’s two brands most remembered by parents, according to a study of my baby and I. 20.312 Participated in the study people, of which more than half of those surveyed, 52%, mentioned Prenatal spontaneously when they asked them about children’s clothing brands. […]

ECM Solution

d.velop with practical tips to optimize which June 22, 2010 – according to a recent survey of d.velop AG today is part of the document and enterprise content management success prospects Gescher, for two-thirds of German companies on the five most important IT topics. According to dynamically, the companies currently behave when their investments in […]