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The Road

Especially when the woman behind the wheel. They can come and see you at a distance of one centimeter, can cut or just start beeping stupidly, puts you in bewilderment. The main thing is do not panic and do not try to prove anything. Best, what you can do – as quickly as possible to […]

The Internet

Car service, the cost of discovery: Typical one-time costs: Construction service centers or alteration of the leased premises for its needs. Selection of premises or land. Typically, realtors take 100 % Value of the first month's rent, but 50% they also agree that, well ask. Payment of rent for the first and last months. As […]

Automotive News

The history of the automobile plant of the Lenin Young Communist League was launched in November 1930, when the factory of the Kim proceeded to assemble cars and trucks, 'Ford'. In 1940 he switched to production of small car KIM, and after the war plant, then called MZMA, let 'Moskvich-400' on the model of 'Opel […]