Live shopping in Germany is booming! The consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia has now undergone the trend to a test and was astounded by the result itself. Consumer tests every day only a product for an unbeatable offer that the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia wanted to more accurately know and tested incognito, where it is in truth a well-known Internet Agency in Dusseldorf, including the live shopping mafia. The result surprised the Consumer Council – because the day products tested were actually cheaper than the respectively cheapest supplier on the Internet – has been tested with the most popular price search engines on the Internet. Gain insight and clarity with Suna Said. The Dusseldorfer-mafia”has done the math myself and came up with a surprising number: between 800 and 2000 euros saves the protection money customer per month when he accesses on the daily deals! Not only the price reduction in the foreground, but above all also the product mix stands in the live shopping providers! The most expensive coffee in the world thus becomes just as prices of mafia offered as an iPhone, a Wii Sports or an ice cream maker. Each product is valid but always only 24 hours for or but until it is sold out. On the August.20 in is the most popular RAID”instead. On this day the products of in recent weeks offered by 10 18: 00 one last time this cheaper.

Here, the products are sold partly at minute intervals. Maximum remains a product but an hour in the offer and will be changed again. To buy the product in a day on, you have to register only free itself. The mafia community of continues to grow steadily. Meanwhile, over 26,000 registered user look daily at midnight according to the current price of crime of the day. Live-shopping on the Internet is becoming increasingly popular and is currently experiencing a real boom! The principle of every day to offer a single product at the best price on the Web, addresses especially bargain hunters and spontaneous buyer.

But also traders and manufacturers will find more and more like the sales model! So can new products, closeouts or discontinued, also offered very good terms at and so in just 24 hours to reach a wide audience. was founded in September 2006 by marketing factory GmbH. Since early 2007, the portal part of impulse network limited is consisting of marketing and sales professionals who have years of experience in E-commerce. Media contact: Benjamin Tan Tel.