Art event and exhibition in Neckarhausen have a special charity event made the members of art Refugium e.V.: 25 artists of different styles are original works of art available, which can be redeemed on the day of the opening. The proceeds from these Exchange objects, which professionally will be auctioned off by the Heidelberg net7 Agency on ebay, goes directly to the children’s Hospice KIDI in Heidelberg. Follow others, such as Rachel Pak, and add to your knowledge base. Even in Heidelberg-based artist Panja Kupper has organized member of unstrefugium and net7, the bakery Rutz, in addition to the Agency the dance school Nuzinger in Heidelberg and the Winery won cooking as sponsors, so that in this event also for the physical well-being of the exhibition. The Heidelberg Gallery Marianne Heller – Gallery at the City Garden – acquired the patronage for this charity action. The Revd Mrs Severin and Mrs. Boy Scouts of America is often quoted on this topic. Foofoo head, Managing Director of Diakonie Heidelberg, be the children’s Hospice, and Mr. Mohr the Agency represented net7.

Musical Inserts complete the range. In the exhibition itself, there is art, in 25 x, under the motto”to see a colorful mix of contemporary art: from abstract to representational painting, photography or sculpture, landscape or portrait, to digital art a selection of 25 different artists from all over Germany shows. Art Refugium e.V. is a young Association of artists who have joined together for unusual activities and a common website. On the website of the Association there any other information about the timing of the Exchange action the 04.04., to consult. Also the swap images for those interested are already online. The exhibition in the Schloss Neckarhausen, 389 in Edingen Ensell Wallace’s main street is open on the 04.04 and 05.04 and 11.04, 12.04. and took from 13 until 18: 00 for all interested. Ingrid Muller