feedly is a new web service for home-based social Google Reader, which consists of an extension for Firefox 3 and a complete web interface whose mission focuses on providing enhanced usability and accessibility to subscriptions and feeds you have stored in The online aggregator of Google, our reader.

What defined as a new way to read feeds, more social, close to the concept of community. That’s why we find Feedly in several ways to display the contents of our feeds and also has a prominent section called? The wall? where we see the news shared by other users. Besides sharing news is super simple: just go to menu that carries each holder and mark it as recommended.

At the entrance we issued a brief review of the main features at the end and give a verdict on what we liked most and least feedly.

This service was developed by Khodabakchian, a former employee of Netscape and AOL, which called for some time Feeddo. It basically allows Google Reader feeds in a format more visual, more like a magazine or portal online news aggregator that even brief feeds.

That at any time without neglecting the usability and management ultrafast we have with the reader, since all the shortcuts and we had to truquillos reader, remain in feedly and do not know if I invite you to the interface feedly keyboard? without the quotes to get a quick list of commands supported. It also allows the viewing of news in various ways, either as joint owners, in Mixed Mode headlines more pictures or as a set of images. All this what you have available just below the header on the menu? View?.

Just outside of this menu display we can filter content unread by him and also refresh the interface news, this button has an impeccable behavior, not as often happens in Google Reader that we have? Bird? and not updated information as we want, all evidence that he feedly fact I have not had any problem in case.

Another of the things highlighted is integration with Google Search, which is available in the header feedly and we look properly at all our tickets without any effort, simply enter a search in seconds to update the results directly in the list of news. The same can be customized header feedly on fund options or replaced by a custom image, all this what you have available in the preferences (via the menu more).

And that is feedly focused heavily on Web services to integrate several different kinds, in fact feedly sources in addition to Google Reader can select, netvibes, bloglines, my yahoo or smart bookmarks of our firefox. If you join that also supports connection to friendfeed, twitter, with gmail yahoo mail and we have one of the concepts on which further deepens feedly: integration, integration, integration.

While on the other hand it is a pity that only available as a Firefox extension 3 and that is all in English. And above all a major disadvantage in my view is that we ask permission to access the complete database and make Google Reader also own two labels necessary to manage subscriptions, something that I think could be improved enough , Or at least a little annoying.

In short, I think it’s a great idea and it really helps to have another layer on top of Google Reader, the bad thing is that maybe need a little more simplicity in the use of certain options, that lack is translated into our language and more compatible with other browsers, however I find interesting as the beginning and I invite you to the probe, did not lose anything because it is free.

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