That gives Google results in its custom search engine is something that is no surprise to anyone today, since it takes time to do so, with a view to improving the quality of these. What has never been too clear is that parameters affecting this personalization.

Of course, the language of our browser or our location (ascertainable from our IP address) who saw it as parameters were used but what were the only ones? What used to personalize the Google results?

With the new changes implemented in the interface results now know we can search to search, since it will allow us to see the list of parameters used to create the results.

Among other find our location, the recent searches that we have done our search history or as potential modifiers of the results offered by the search engine.

Anyway, this change applies only to the interface rather than the results, which are the same ones that were being offered so far, just that with this change we can also learn about users. We also offer some tips that will enable us to improve our searches or safeguard our privacy.

Among them the possibility of indicating our direction in our Google Account, for which this is taken into account when conducting searches (imagine that we use a connection via mobile, which can not find automatically) or the suggestion to disable or pause web history if we do not want this is stored and used in the future.

An attempt by Google to be more transparent to which many of us like to get an eye, but now I have not achieved that appear in any of my searches, but will warn that according implanatando during the next few days.

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