Each month, the Agency sets the newsletter in HTML and plaintext to and tests it with the software pn.mail/mailingwork on Representability and spam criteria. It is inserted in the software Agnitas used by Dr. Torsten Schwarz and shipped. The cooperation is enriching for both sides and repeatedly leads to new creative ideas and insights. XING successfully use a series rich eBook care by new subscribers with automated event mailings for the hub Kalan Consulting GmbH, a consultancy with a focus on online and social media marketing, and its newly launched brand PreSales marketing”new leads should be automatically accompanied by E-Mail over a longer period. This has been achieved thanks to automated event mailings, each automatically transmitted at intervals of 14 days after individual registration over a period of about 3 months. Read more from Doyle’s to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Launched in September 2010 arrive now weekly to the 200 new registrations over the Grabberseite. In this pre-sales level, the task of postina.net, at the new applicants is trust to build the sender and his skills. In the event mailings, therefore the three-part eBook XING will successfully use”the hub cutter consulting offered for free download, as well as many other free downloads, which serve as incentive. The success is worth a visit. The average achieved the first six event mailings a unique open rate of 61 percent and a unique click-through rate of 28 percent.

Sales mailings be turned in the next step. Project XING successfully use a series rich eBook”illustrates what can be achieved are scheduled E-mailings with a professional email marketing software. The customer service is in this case very closely and includes a wide range of conceptual work, E-mailings and evaluations. Visitors to postina.net the mailing days at booth number three in the entry foyer can look forward to exciting creative ideas and an interesting exchange with an experienced agency team. Free tickets for the mailingtage 2011 can be obtained from. mailingtage 2001, Nuremberg, 8-9. June postina.net, Foyer entrance booth number 3 contact: Yvonne Perdelwitz yvonne.perdelwitz (at) postina.net, Tel.: +49/(0)6221 / 753 42 24 Julia Nati julia.nati (at) postina.net, Tel.: +49/(0)6221 / 753 42 25 postina.net, Perdelwitz.Nati newsletter services Hans-colorful-Strasse 8-10, d-69123 Heidelberg about postina.net: was postina.net in 2004 in Heidelberg by the managing directors, Yvonne Perdelwitz and Julia Nati founded as specialized E-Mail and online marketing agency. The creative and young team successfully implemented email marketing campaigns for medium-sized companies, corporations and institutions. With expertise in the areas of marketing, Web design and editing, as well as a professional and powerful mailing software, postina.net offers over 30 customers a holistic service. Their customers include: Random House Publishing Group, heel GmbH HeidelbergCement AG. In addition to the headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany, postina.net has offices in the Switzerland and Italy.