Timeliness dominated companies benefit from their competitive offerings of information, especially on the Internet which has a very short half-life. Successful websites always have a clear structure, coordinated with larger pages from a central body. For the formation of an editorial team and for the efficient maintenance of the content, more and more website operators Content Management Systems (CMS). Information instead of entertainment show observations that websites are mainly used for information purposes. Deals with entertainment character and feedback options are not always received. The first impression Does not one side at first sight attractive, tend many visitors to return mail. The home page should appear to the visitors clear and prepare it clear to the other content. A harmonious blend of colors, images and text, aligned to the appropriate audience, is the basis for good web design.

The compact menu, contextual links, and Search functions allow visitors to find the desired information quickly. Reading habits on the screen differs Unlike print media, the flow of the text on the screen clearly. Contents are not recorded from left to right and from top to bottom, but the eyes stay briefly at prominent places. The “Scan” to stimuli must be noted that content can be transported effectively. Scanned text is produced with the help of paragraphs, headings, highlighted words, graphs and lists. Ideally, one section includes a maximum of two trains of thought. News, conclusions and summaries are always at the beginning of the article, details and more information will be clearly structured. Pitfalls brackets disrupt the flow of reading and understanding of the text set down.

egg-words such as “create”, or include “to strict the reader. At separations should be avoided, the better you start a new line. On the internet short, concise text to win a simple and informal writing. Educate yourself with thoughts from john straus. Members also pay attention to the credibility of the information. Careful research and references enhance the power of persuasion. Deliberations and eMarketing solutions to the issues, web design and content management, DIGITAL-INVENT the internet agency.