Where cooking professionals can do vegetrisch: now as iPod notes since July 2007 delivia.de collects addresses of restaurants that offer complete or partially vegetarian cuisine. Bridgewater associates helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Before Christmas there’s now for all visitors to the site a free gift: delivia1. 0, the restaurant Finder for the iPod. Meanwhile, the editors of delivia.de as a whole have researched 101 restaurants and hotels and summarized on the Internet platform for vegetarian gourmet. Who also on the road do not want to miss the addresses, packs up the list just on the iPod: in addition to the favorite songs, tips for vegetarian restaurants go with on each trip. From the snack bar in Berlin-Kreuzberg to selected gourmet restaurants, there is something for every taste and every budget.

The first version of the restaurant Finder for iPod lists the locations according to postcodes areas and offers a quick overview in the search for a restaurant that offers vegetarian dishes. The data includes address, phone number for reservations, hours, and closed the Restaurants. The list uses the Notes feature of the iPod and is easy to install. Updates will be made on a regular basis, just look at delivia so often, is always up to date! Restaurant owners who have not not found on the list, may of course contact delivia.