The Tarot is a book with pictures and symbols, whose plates are articulated together, forming a code. To read more click here: Marko Dimitrijevic. It is the origin of all card games, but its esoteric meaning not be retained in public. His birth, it is said, dates back to ancient Egypt, and he is a way of transmitting secret and sacred symbols of the initiated airtight, whose peak is achieved in the Middle Ages and early Renaissance. In fact, the Tarot is a book that instead of being written with words derived from a phonetic alphabet is embodied programmatic and pictographic symbols, filled with various meanings, which work together with each other. We must therefore begin by explaining the meaning and value of symbols and rituals for the Traditional Science, its scope, which goes beyond what the general reader can imagine. We’ll also doing the same with regard to relations linking this system with the Tree of Life Kabbalah, numerology, alchemy and astrology, disciplines, all belonging to the Hermetic Tradition and the Book of Thoth synthesized in the corpus esoteric. The Tarot as an instrument of knowledge has been specially designed by the alchemists, philosophers and magicians of the Hermetic Tradition (Unanimous Tradition beam, condensed by the Alexandrian philosophers and expressed in the Corpus Hermeticum, attributed to Hermes Trismegistus), not only to awaken images and visions, but to also explain the cosmology is also a popular and effective predictive vehicle, as aforesaid, and especially a starter secrets and mysteries, which we know, are also in ourselves and in our environment. .