Only in their own home can hear the silence, filled with trill of cicadas, purring cats, morning singing birds. This – the sounds of nature, they are real, so it is in a special caress your ears. There are features of human nature that affect the choice of place of residence. People who love the noisy companies, more comfortable feel in the center apartment building. The noise of neighbors and the physical sensation of their fellow beings behind the wall above you, below you, right and left, making a harmony in their lives.

For those who love solitude, life at home is a priority. More is a human characteristic with time to reach for peace and tranquility. Most people dream of living "on earth", but happy life in your home it is difficult to tolerate financial diet. That is why the statistics 80% of buyers houses made up of people from 35 to 50 years. Economic conditions hinder the purchase of the house as the first shelter for young families.

One-room house can not cost as much, and one-bedroom apartment in the same area, because value of the house and includes outbuildings and land. Yes, and rarely see one-room house, usually in the homes of three rooms. Buying a home has several advantages compared to apartments, but there are drawbacks, However, as with any purchase. The purpose of this paper to reveal the advantages of a house. Heightened desire to have your home spring rolls. The sun warms more and want to be on the street longer.