Thailand book nicknoi has this title new in the product range of Thailand, the Princess of Kalasin is the new title in the nicknoi Thai book shop. The title was written by the well-known Thailand book author Rolf Bahl. It was applied in a Thai Publisher Book Description: the Princess of Kalasin, the Vietnamese-born HOA from Kalasin, whose Grossmutter developed the imperial family of hue was Rd great plans. The beautiful young woman has become aware that their homeland granted almost unique conditions, to become wealthy and successful in a very short time! What her many Chinese have done with other methods and realized, four of them include even the richest men of the world, which can create also the HOA, she already knows her helpers and sponsors from the West. And this selfless contemporaries, which found in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, etc., she must track them there only! To achieve her goal, she is all female trumps a, with a dose of luck, she realized a project after another, is very successful and known. Here she gets even unintentionally with people in contact, she would rather never met. Her sensational career suddenly becomes a nightmare, she wakes up but too late. In the middle of the chaos is only when she and no way is more obvious, trying them out. In the first part of the book, what begins as a harmless crime, is in the second part almost to the thriller! The tension continues to the last set! A novel that stands out from the previous stories of Thailand and contributes a new wind. ck here. The ideal holiday reading for all German-speaking tourists! Source: and Ralf Kan Siensbacherstr 26 b 79183 Waldkirch phone: 07681 4740351 fax: 0764292119511 email: