I have another great news for you: little by little, you’ll get accustomed to writing articles, gonna sharpen your pen, you’ll have more confidence in yourself, and items going out as if it were a conveyor. The same thing happened to me, at the beginning I could hardly write, but now there is no stopping me, I write with frenzy, in fact I love writing articles, thinking of you, that I can help you, support you, give you encouragement so that you’re a successful writer. Here and now is the time to tell you that writing was one of my dreams, rather one of my buried dreams. When he was 18 years and three months, I set the goal of being a writer, I liked much to be a writer, I imagined it would be like to write books, articles, novels, and the truth that I was fascinated by this perspective. But this dream has been fulfilled at the age of 48 years and one month, i.e. the desire to be a writer has been buried in the trunk of my heart almost 30 years, 30 years at least two months, but better later than never, when I discovered that to succeed in business online it is almost essential to have a blog, where I have to publish articles, to me this news really has given me great joy, of my Super! Practical exercise: 1. prepare mental you’re going to become a writer, rather in a content creator. You have to be aware that writing articles is a little different from being writer of literature.

2 Choose a theme that you like, that you passionate about you, or a skill you want to acquire, something that much want to learn, that you would like to learn. 3 Starts to talk about this subject but don’t forget to record it, with your mobile with your I-fon, I-Pad, or with any type of apparatus for recording. 4 Opens a Word document and start writing what you’ve recorded, you put up your mobile, you hear little by little the material while the these writing technique included in this article. Recommend Word because it also has an automatic Checker grammatical. At the end let me a comment, I would like to know your opinion about this article, and I also care about your opinion.