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Maintaining Motivated Affiliates

The execution of programs of affiliates, is easier that never with the aid of software. Nevertheless, as to maintain motivated affiliates it is not quite easy to do. If, the success of its business is based of how you motivate to its affiliates, that you want to do, like providing the suitable tools to them […]

Foreign Markets

You do not expose to your friend to the wraths of your enemy. Venezuela proverb as we know has not only initiated new openings for a Policy of Foreign trade more dynamics, to try to penetrate in new markets, but, that in addition, confront serious problems in their enterprise sector, where many companies, especially the […]

Well Written Books

When the literary critics reproached Robert Kiyosaki, the author of best-seller Father Rico, Poor Father by his style to write (bad, according to them) he responded to them that he was not author of the book better written, but of the book better sold. I take advantage of this phrase and this situation to clarify […]