THESCON uses ‘Green Grow’ a consultation method that ensures a sustainable and value-oriented business development to Solms, June 22, 2010 – the theme of green supply chain management is becoming increasingly important for companies. The topic was limited balance sheets or footprints initially more on creating CO2″, the entire value chain in the focus moves more and more. Many success stories show that companies that align their supply chain to sustainable aspects, make an active contribution to climate protection, competitive advantages, and achieve higher returns. Exactly at this point, the Green Grow used by Thescon is”method. Green Grow”combines the sustainable orientation of the value creation chain with the optimization of the total business return. The aim is a sustainably-oriented green”business growth.

Sustainability means also to minimize the risks which may arise from the business for the environment. The risks of such unforeseen consequences not only for businesses,. but may have for the environment itself, it has more once the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. How Green Grow”to support companies in achieving their environmental and climate objectives, Thescon uses a methodical approach: 1 green set targets developing a green corporate policy, for example how to set the greenhouse gas reduction targets. At the same time an awareness must be created among employees for the environmental goals needs to perform 2. analysis, policy and investors are to collect and evaluate as well as to evaluate in the context of a risk analysis. Here are the corporate CO2 footprint and the product CO2 footprint.

The corporate CO2 footprint accounted for the greenhouse gas emissions of an entire enterprise under uniform standards and norms. The product CO2 footprint refers to the balance of greenhouse gas emissions along the entire life cycle of a product in a defined application. Methodology for the creation of the corporate CO2 footprint make the ISO 14064 and the greenhouse gas Protocol (GHG Protocol). ISO 14064 and GHG Protocol are recognized standards for accounting and documentation of greenhouse gas emissions at the organizational level. It ensures that a tonne of CO2 emitted really is equivalent to one tonne of CO2 reported. ISO 14040/44 (LCA) form the basis for the creation of the product CO2 footprint. 3. measures derive-building a Green grow strategy map and set indicators to track the achievement of objectives, or to be able to make appropriate adjustments. 4. measures to implement appropriate projects initiate and complete 5 monitoring ensure the sustainability of Green grow initiative this procedure allows you to derive an environmental strategy for companies in a short time. About Thescon GmbH Thescon is the consulting specialist for process and organization consulting in the regulated industry. Consulting competencies include IT system selection, compliance management, process management, supply chain management and restructuring & turnaround management. Thescon covers the entire range of the formulation of the business requirements on the approach to ensuring the implementation of, compliance requests. This has Thescon the objectives of its customer focus and offers the services and solutions that help customers achieve their corporate strategy. Our consultants are characterized by its deep understanding of the processes and the organisational requirements in our target sectors, as well as commercial and technical knowledge. The consulting firm established in 2007, has its headquarters in Solms and ambitious objectives to the benefit of its customers. Thescon advises above all customers from the middle class, but also from corporations and public institutions. Contact Thescon GmbH Dr. Hans-Werner Velten floor Street 20 35606 Solms Tel.: + 49 (0) 644-292 75 26 fax: + 49 (0) 644-292 75 27 email: Internet: