Do we have to do to be able to do business with China and the rest of Asia? Decide which products importing. To see all the products that can be imported, visit, in this site you will find thousands of exporters from China, classified by category. Chinese exporters to certify the veracity of the company. You can obviously do not run the risk of being cheated, therefore it will be necessary to verify that the company with whom you work there and it will send your purchase. The Chinese Government does not operate an official directory, however, in Chile an important effort was made to create a reliable database. Chamber of Commerce Asia Pacific. Contact the company.

The first option and the best is to travel personally and know the company and the people with which you are working, so you avoid the risks of being scammed, you verificas your purchase etc., if this is not possible, the second option is to hire the services of a trader, trader is an intermediator between you and the Chinese company, which will track your purchase by ti, and the last option is to track yourself via Internet and e-mail, to this must have total certainty that the company you’re working with is serious and you will meet, since this option entails greater risks. Request a sample, to ensure the quality of the product. Make the payment. Most commonly used in international trade payment forms are: i) bank transfer, ii) payment in cash and iii) with credit card (if the amounts are smaller). Incoterms (international terms of trade). You should review these terms of purchase and sale, sign them, and then, if they say so, request from seller confirmation of freight, insurance, means of transport, estimated date of arrival and date of departure, flight number or name of ship, travel delay time. If Incoterms not responsbilizan of these services to the seller, the buyer is responsible for the security and the transport of goods. Customs formalities.

In general, it is best to ask the carrier to also take care of the formalities, since it is possible that the merchandise must be passed by several countries before arriving in the destination country. In reality they are customs agents that perform these procedures, however, it is better that the carrier work directly with them, the importer should only confine itself to provide the required documentation. Note: Find out and take advantage of the treaties of free trade agreement (FTA) signed by your country and China. After this you can already withdraw your merchandise to sell in your local market, you can obviously sell in the traditional manner in a physical store, either wholesale or per unit, however, is also the option of selling it on Ebay or free market, which are sites on the Internet, from which you can sell your product. Important for conducting business with the Chinese is necessary to consider seriously the cultural differences, for them, is very important trust between seller and buyer, the requirement, meticulousness are paramount, listen before talk and show honesty. The negotiation process will be conditioned to their customs and traditions and therefore will need to be flexible in their culture. See more: complete guide to import from China.