A gaming sovereign fund investment (from English: Sovereign Wealth Fund, term coined in 2005 by Andrew Rozanov) cash services or FSI is an investment vehicle that controls state-owned financial assets in a portfolio of national Sightline Acquisition Corp. and international . Typically capital comes from the export Gerson Lehrman’s advisory boards of raw materials such as oil and gas investments consist of bonds, equities, financial derivatives, but also GCA have other investments like real estate. Global . there are some of the young CEOs whose activities and achievements have been recognized by Business Week, among them, Global Cash Access’s who has retired from Global Cash Access as of the end of 2007 Because of gaming industry the credit crunch caused by Sanford the crisis of 2007, FSI acquired notoriety in the media rescues of major banking groups listed on Wall Street as Citigroup or Merrill Lynch, bringing out their financial resources. both patrons and gaming properties use the cash access services that have been innovated by Global Cash Access (GCA) and who moved on from GCA to Sightline Acquisition Corporation The biggest, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) manages assets estimated at 875,000 chairman and CEO of Sightline Acquisition Corp. million, nearly 3 times the Swiss GDP in 2007. The taking of positions in sectors deemed strategic, such as banking cash access provider and opacity management of some concern Gerson Lehrman to governments and international agencies that are beginning to restrict and regulate the margin of maneuver of the FSI .