When the various trading companies and marketers talk about social networks, they often worry: what about negative reviews? This issue I would like to discuss. According to research by Shop.org and MarketingSherpa, less than 26% retail companies have ratings and customer feedback, with 96% of companies that have feedback, consider them a highly efficient function. So what prevents other companies to use this feature? In addition to the complexity of the technology and calculations, the fear of negative feedback is one of the greatest hurdles that retailers – especially the head of sales – must be overcome To use reviews and ratings. At the same time, among many customers and many of these negative reviews are not only necessary but also very useful. In a recent study on the reviews of products, Patti Freeman Evans, an analyst at Jupiter, offers: "In regard to user-generated content, companies need to extract the good from the bad.

But since consumers are more inclined to talk about positive experience, retailers should not fear the old adage: "Be afraid of his desires." Consumers expect to see as good reviews and bad. Good reviews confirm information about a product, posed by the supplier; bad as warning against such things that a retailer can not tell myself. 1.Potrebiteli seek negative feedback according to a study eVoc Insights, 48 per cent of consumers before online purchase to view testimonials. What are they looking for? I often ask friends and people he met, how they use feedback. Almost all mention that they are looking negative comments to make sure that will be able to put up with any shortcomings of acquired products.