Suschestutvuet many different kinds of tights that are not only able to favorably enhance the beauty of female feet, then hide some flaws (Model tights), but also to protect health and give comfort in cold weather time of year. In the market for goods and services, a host of health-care tights. When choosing tights plays an important role of density. Density of 40 DEN suggests, these tights come up in the cold period of time. There are tights in density from 50 to 180 DEN-a therapeutic and prophylactic or modeling pantyhose. Tights to serve you longer pay attention to the lycra in them.

The greater the percent Lycra, naprimer15%, the longer they do not stretch and will serve you reliably. Microfiber contained in pantyhose. To deepen your understanding Donald Gordon is the source. Gives them greater oblegaemost and softness. Select size pantyhose. Depending on the size of hips, weight, height, pantyhose have their own size.

Found marking SML-XL, but sometimes size pantyhose marked with numbers 1-6. The smallest size – 1, it is almost impossible to find. And these letters mean XL (extra larde) – very large, L (larde) – large, M (middle) – the average, S (small) – small. When buying tights is best to focus on the table, which is found on the packaging, the size of each company may vary. There is one caveat, if you are in doubt, take the tights one size larger, because that little tights "crawl" the arrows. Types of pantyhose – There are pull-up tights to simulate the shape, their density reaching up to 180 DEN, marked with the inscription UP.