A proper language of the place, its characteristic given for the culture. CINCIAS IN the STUDY OF the WAY to Buscar as if of a use of the scientific knowledge in a reality to Incentivar research HISTRIA IN the STUDY OF the HALF Estudo of the diverse temporalities Abordagem of changes and permanncias, differences and similarities between the past and gift; between the lived deeply space and other spaces. A verbal history; the history of daily (long short time/, particular and general time) the GEOGRAFIA IN the STUDY OF the HALF Meio is an alive Geography. It does not have ‘ ‘ places pobres’ ‘ nor privileged to study itself. to Compreender the space produced for the society, its inaqualities and contradictions, the appropriation of the nature for the society. to Explicar as the space is produced interests at different historical moments in agreement to Entender that this process implies in a continuous transformation. The FIELD WORK PARTICIPANTES: professors and pupils PRESSUPE: activities in classroom and are of it.

ETAPAS OF PROGRAMMING: Planning – Accomplishment – Exploration BEFORE – PLANNING to the organization of the objectives – previous knowledge of the place – preparation of the pupil: What to observe? What to collect? How to register? How to use the registers? How to synthecize? When to conclude? Norms of performance. to the manuscript of geographic letters, plants, air photographs, statistical images of satellites, descriptions, data. to the contacts with the technician-administrative team of the school, with the parents (objective, costs, responsibilities). previous contatos with the responsible ones for (s) the local one (is) (in) to be visited (s) and person-source. previso of the ways of transport, expenditures, lodging, to be led material..