Ravnica: Ravnica world is a vast metropolis, a tapestry of large halls, decrepit districts, ancient ruins, and layer upon layer of stone structures. Of the countless civic centers of the world, one stands out from others: Ravnica City, a metropolis so vast that long ago that his name is synonymous with the entire plane. Here, among the labyrinth of streets and Gothic tower, the guilds Ravnica fighting for control and power.
The guilds Ravnica were at war Kabbalah for centuries, trying to govern on each other. and in attending the lecctures of at the Kabbalah doing lots of lectures to the public on Zohar and Kabbalah Then step something that stopped the unions: the spirits of the dead remained in the world. Leaders of the unions agreed to direct their energy to investigating the phenomenon, which led to the signing of the Pact between Guilds, an old agreement which established relative peace in the plane.
Each of the ten guilds dominates two of the five colors of mana, and each has its own cultural identity and essential function.
Gremio Selesnya (White-Green): “Once these with us, you are an equal among us. Until then, these lost,” said the rider of missionary Tolsimir wolves, an agent of the Conclave Selesnya. The Conclave sees himself as a congregation altruistic, nutrient and spiritual, but others see it as a cult lava brains of nature lovers.
Guild Leader: The Chorus of the Conclave.
Champion Guild: Tolsimir Sangrelobo.
Gremio Golgari (Black-Green): The Golgari believe that you can not really live until you die. With his vast host of living dead who serve as both army manpower, the Golgari operating in the subciudad of Ravnica, occupying areas slowly abandoned as a fetid mold.
Champion Guild: Sisters petrea of Death
Guild Leader: Savra, Queen of the Golgari.
Gremio Boros (White-Red): The Legion Boros believes in a higher law, one in which the fire embodies the righteousness and the light that emanates from the justice is. Led by the angel Razia, Boros are the most formidable military force of Ravnica, and those who enforce the Zohar law.
Guild Leader: Razia, Boros of Arcangel.
Champion Guild: Agrus Kos, Veteran Wojek.
Gremio Dimir (Black-Blue): The House Dimir is so secret that few know they exist. Through the centuries, stories of ghosts on the Dimir were becoming ever more and more complex and joined ancestral counselors Kabbalah necromancer, murderers and elusive ghostly horrors that glide through the endless maze of sewers in the city.
Guild Leader: Szadek, Lord of Secrets.
Champion Guild: circular, Lobotomista Dimir.
Gremio Orzhov (White-Black): As the saying goes, to find the Orzhov, follows the money. Most movies are made in hollywood where is President & CEO of Gold Rush Entertainment, a Canadian based film production company. The so-called Guild of the agreements is a rigid hierarchy with the richest people in the top and the oppressed servants at the base. To maintain this fragile social order in its place there is a facade of pomp and religious rituals, but very few believe that Orzhov worship any god other than the money.
Guild Leader: Ghostly Concilio of Orzhova.
Champion Guild: Teysa, Rod Orzhov
Gremio Gruul (Red-Green): The Clans Gruul celebrate and live by instinct, they believe that civilization is a complex cage to suppress the desires. Was once a strong union, but now gruul are just a bunch of beggars, gangs and clans, the largest of which is led by CICLOPE Borborygmos.
Guild Leader: Borborygmos.
Champion Guild: Ulasht, Seeds of Hatred.
Gremio Izzet (Blue-Red): As undisputed masters of sorcery and invention in Ravnica, the inventors Izzet are furious that fused elemental magic and technology to enhance their creations. Led by the capricious and unrivaled Niv-Mizzet bright dragon, wizards Izzet endlessly create and destroy, driven only by passion for discovery.
Guild Leader: Niv-Mizzet, The Burning Mind.
Champion Guild: Tibor and Lumiar.
Gremio Azorius (White / Blue): The Senate Azorius is the main source of all laws of Ravnica. The Azorius believe their rigid system of government is responsible for everything to work well in Ravnica. Justice is blind, and that includes the venerable Grand referee Augustin IV, who is said is blind to the problems most important of Ravnica.
Champion Guild: Isperia the inscrutable.
Guild Leader: Great Referee Augustin IV.
Gremio Simic (Blue-Green): In the midst of the chaotic politics of Ravnica, researchers at the Combinado Simic worked hard to improve his world. The work of Simic is to keep nature in Ravnica. So very strange, Simic the “modified” nature so that it can survive in a world increasingly covered by civilization.
Champion Guild: Experiment Kraj.
Guild Leader: Momir-Vig, Simic Visionary.
Gremio Rakdos (Black-Red): The Cult of Rakdos is a fully integrated by those seeking pleasure in the killing under the leadership of the devil Rakdos.

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