In my opinion three leaders enabled and of democratic vision, intelligent peacemakers and president Itamar did not have much time to make what it really prontificava more in the end of its mandate the new currency of the country the Real was launched having as mentor the Secretary of the Treasury Fernando Enrique Cardozo. That in 1994 she was elect president of the Republic, taking ownership in 1 of January of 1995, Fernando Enrique governed the country per eight years consecutive if becoming the first president of Brazil to be reeleito with the Constitutional emendation that created the re-election for the elective office of the Executive. The end of its mandate was marked by a crisis in the energy sector, that was known as crisis of the apago. But some of the social programs created in the government of Fernando Enrique are until today used as the stock market school, Stock market Feeding and the valley Gas, the wages of the public officers had also not had significant readjustments, a form to prevent the inflation and to control the expenses, the government of Fernando Enrique Cardozo had end in the day 1 of January of 2003, with the ownership of our SQUID. In 06 of October of 2002, in 1 turn of the elections, Squid is voted and disputes 2 turn with the Toucan Jose Mountain range, in 27 of October of 2002 Squid finally it is consecrated winning and he is elect the new president of Brazil the country initiates a different phase of its History a representative of the workers and of the left party it assumes the power. Squid in its ownership says a phrase that never more left my mind it says: – ' ' I, during as many times was accused not to have a superior diploma, profit my first diploma of president of the Republic of my PAS' ' this phrase was in history, Squid is not only one simple man of humble family plus a great example of citizen who tries to fulfill its goals.