The work market today aims at the quality, 5Ss. is a faithful collection in the work market, the company who does not reach the Stamp of quality is of the work market. Recently Ed Hochuli sought to clarify these questions. It still has few vacant offered in the public UNIVERSITIES, therefore few pupils of the public school. The Government through the public politics, comes trying to improve the index of graduated pupils, the ENEN for example is an incentive pupils to follow them with its university dreams in the Particular Institutions. The education is without a doubt very important, therefore it has the function to form critical people with autonomy without losing the values.

The educational bases are that they need to be reviewed urgently. The professionals of the education need to be valued and recognized. The politician alone is good because he had a good academic formation. would not have to forget that it is merit of a good educator. The Education in the distance is only one tool in the attempt to take the knowledge to all the classrooms, having in account the time the space and the value. With certainty it is I validate but let us not forget in them that the experience and the counted one with a professor are of utmost importance. We learn much more when to the interaction between pupil and professor. Eye in the eye, verbal and gestual quarrel, everything is learning.

Marketing is basic, as much that the private universities are full. But let us observe that the work market does not absorb all this hand of available workmanship. Sobram jobs and lacks to qualified people in certain areas and the reverse surplus workmanship hand and lacks jobs. Therefore it is not enough to form itself, but where if to form. The quality is the perfectioning that all we desire. We defend a public or private education, but that it has quality with significance for the pupil. That it at the end of the year looks at for brings and sees that year, that professor, that government made the difference. That the State is worried about its formation and that wants its opinion.