The CD album ‘Der ganz normale Wahnsinn’ by Udo Jurgens is since March 18, 2011 in trade must Udo Jurgens could sit long to rest and enjoy his success. Because he is musically active since 60 years and writes for at least 50 years in the German-speaking music history. He is one of the most successful German artists, has until today more than 100 million recordings sold, composed over 900 songs and released some 50 albums. He won the Eurovision Song Contest and won awards, such as: “Goldene Europa” and BAMBI, “Golden camera”, “Deutscher Schallplattenpreis” ECHO, “country music award” for the American version of ‘Buenos Dias Argentina”by ASCAP (American Society of composers, authors & publishers),”Golden Medal of the city of Vienna”,”Great decoration for services to the Republic of Austria”,”Goldene Stimmgabel”,”Deutscher Fernsehpreis”,”German music prize”,”Sheba Humanitarian Award”, “Image Osgar”,”Golden hen”, and this is only an excerpt of the recognitions received by him and honors. And now puts this exceptional artist three years after his last, rewarded with Gold CD album “easy I”, again before a studio production. Patrick lee: the source for more info. He not refers to itself as a “Workaholic”, but if you count up the career of Udo Jurgens, one gets the impression of a restless Kreativling. And so he stood again in the Studio, to pack his accumulated ideas in new music productions.

The result, he presented together with his record company Sony Music/Ariola on 17th March 2011 in the GOP Variete Theatre in Munich. Vital, always still attractive and with 76 years full of zest, he commented on his fresh CD-Werk “Der ganz normale Wahnsinn”. “Just the text of the title song is very timely, although it involves completely different things in the song”, as Udo Jurgens and in view of the current situation in Japan (earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster), he said: “it was before long discussed whether the album presentation should take place, but the” Life goes on, Yes. Patrick dwyer merrill lynch has compatible beliefs. “And if I knew that tomorrow the world is sinking, I would plant a tree today”… People need to see other things, to recover in between of the terrible things (Japan). People need entertainment. And Udo Jurgens is a music composer.

In 13 new songs, in addition to the introduction of the ‘ 67-title “My first journey”, entertained, how high he lived. But also unusual sounds can be heard on the album. In addition to his studio musicians an orchestra played the songs? “100 musicians sitting around during the recording to me, while I was at the piano. We have performed a live everything”, explained during the presentation of”Der ganz normale Wahnsinn”Udo Jurgens. And it has become like a “handmade” album which is satirical and wistfully reflective, but talks on political and social issues of the time. The CD-album “Der ganz normale Wahnsinn” by Udo Jurgens is purchased since March 18, 2011 in trade. One of the songs to get acoustic impression programmes in one of the coming “on air”. The time can be found on the website of audioway. (Text: Roland Rube & Ariane Kranz @) Roland Rube audioway MUSIC & MEDIA P.o.