"Miralinks" – this is a fundamentally new phenomenon in this area of the Internet industry, as search engine optimization sites. Why? Analogies for this service was not there, when you create it, we decided to take a course just on the quality of services – and, I I think in the near future, the results of "Miralinks" will speak for themselves … "- these words marked the official release of the new exchange papers CEO PA" Miralab "Michael Raitsin. However, what is "Miralinks"? AND how it differs from other similar services? Exchanges of articles in RuNet a lot, and seems to be – you can always find a cheap and with relatively high-quality service for the sale of items, to then use it to their needs. The main problem, in fact, is precisely in these words – 'with respect to quality. " In most cases, the quality of the articles purchased and placed with the help of Internet exchanges is very doubtful, in other cases – article is simply not possible to read, and they do not do any good Russian segment of the World Wide Web, just clogging it. Such a branch of the Internet industry, as website promotion, losing only on this. Analysis such resources, actively carrying out their activities in RuNet showed that at the moment there is simply no such service, which meets all quality requirements in areas such as the placement of articles on thematic areas.

The new service 'Miralinks' was created in order to fix the status quo. His fundamental differences – the ease, simplicity of the interface and huge database of sites and articles, and the highest quality of services. This benefits all: Optimizers (an interesting feature article can do far more popular resource than a lot of illiterate and non-informative), webmaster (a good location articles on the resource can not only bring money, but also raise its attendance), consumers (who can learn for yourself useful information about any product), and, of course, suppliers of certain goods and services. "Miralinks" – a unique system so far has no analogues in RuNet, which has a number of advantages and functional features. All articles that pass through the "Miralinks" will be moderated by hand. The advantages of this system will undoubtedly be of interest to those categories of Internet users that are somehow related to areas such as search engine optimization sites.