How save the brain information about brands? In the Pepsi challenge; was obtained as a result that if people were blindfolded and were given to try Coca Cola and Pepsi, they preferred Pepsi flavor, but if you gave them to try a pair of these soft drink bottles with eyes open, consumers choose preferably Coca Cola why? Well mainly because Coca Cola occupies a place very comfortable in the brains of people due to the significant investment in Branding has done over time Coca Cola; the signature so much so that much of the world children have between their phrases and words earlier term Coca Cola. Neuromarketing research are a sort of sweet for a specialist in the subject, because we know that large part of investments in advertising and corporate communications go to waste, if gentlemen as I’m talking about throwing money. To reduce that gap, it has begun a few years ago to develop in the area of market research (not without many obstacles by detractors) Neuromarketing, which uses the knowledge of Medicine (computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, brain activity, heart response, etc.) to resolve doubts about what happens in the brain of the person at the time of purchase, visualize a spot, etc. The purchase is not always the result of a process of reasoning, and the key point of all purchases is the moment of decision is why achieving know the mechanisms by which the consumer decides to purchase or opt for one or another option is very important for marketing departments. Now either; for some reason, people tend to have a negative concept as we follow a list like the following: Coca Cola for example (Branding) mark the Coca-Cola company strategies for Marketing of the company is curious since it seems to make an invisible separation between branding which most people usually reserved good memories for that brand and strategies of the company that lead to success (a long term) brand. Ben Silbermann may not feel the same. .