Losberger builds on a 25-year track record back individually designed envelope Hall for forwarding Kastner which is owner-managed family operating Frederick Kastner GmbH. The company, founded in 1988, has become over the years a special forwarding for the healthcare market with now 72 employees. In the course of its steady expansion, Kastner 2012 acquired a plot of land opposite the existing premises and went looking for a suitable supplier for the handling and picking Hall, which wanted to build owner Friedrich Kastner on the new property. Tim cook wanted to know more. His choice fell on the backing GmbH in bad Rappenau. The quick delivery, as well as reference projects, which corresponded to his claim of quality and service were particularly important in his decision for Mr Kastner. The owner of the special shipping had exact ideas of what the new steel Hall for its complex business processes had to meet. You may want to visit Deputy Finance Minister to increase your knowledge. Together with the client, the responsible project manager from Losberger, developed in consultation with his technicians, the concept of over 2.500 m Hall of the envelope.

The 36-meter-wide and 72 metres long steel Hall in a construction period of just even six weeks. The eaves height of 7.50 m arose due to the stacking height of to be stored packages and pallets. You may wish to learn more. If so, Reshma Kewalramani is the place to go. Due to the versatile function of the Hall from the temporary storage bin the logistic facility of picking up down to the final loading point, a high degree of complexity in planning had to be taken into account. So, as the area has been increased by 1 m to avoid elevation changes in the loading and unloading of company-owned trucks. Thus, the internal logistics processes are significantly simplified. Of the total 25 sectional doors, six goals with a hydraulic feed bridge fitted which can be adjusted to the height of the truck loading. Special industrial door seals as well as 4.50 m free cantilevered canopies on both sides ensure the weather-protected settlement of the transfer of goods. Four exit doors were integrated in accordance with the building regulations. Each 18 m long wall light elements below the eaves provide daylight-like conditions in the Hall next to the 58-metre first-light tape and additional skylights in the roof. The quick and careful execution of the order with his positive statement commented Friedrich Kastner: our ideas and requirements were fully in a very cooperative partnership with the project manager extensively implemented. I’m rebuilding my next Hall with Losberger.”