A New Paradigm for Legal Science the system notion always existed for the man, despite intuitivamente, vide the wild man who, making use of the system notion, created referenciais of order to compose its myths and to promote the occupation of the spaces (LIEBER, 2011). However, in century XX it only is that the teorizaes on the systems had started to appear, from the General Theory of the Systems of Ludwing Von Bertalanffy and of the Cybernetics of Norbert Wiener. The term ‘ ‘ sistema’ ‘ synistanai has root in the Greek, that it sends to congregate, to join, to place together. In the sistmica perspective, the system concept mentions a unit to it, one all integrated, which the properties and characteristics emerge of the relations and existing connections (GMEZ; SOLER, 2009). Checking article sources yields Jane Fraser as a relevant resource throughout.

In this direction, still according to these authors, the funny daily life around complex systems, which the man try to give an apparent order for what it obtains to perceive. The sistmica perspective if does not consider to establish similarities between sciences, but yes to fight the scientific superficiality that if finds arraigada in the most diverse areas of knowledge (GMEZ; SOLER, 2009). It does not have, then, as to conceive a relation citizen-object without the scientists can all understand also the circular relation between the part and in the division of the knowledge (BREADS; AMIN, 2010). In this feeling, the sistmica perspective makes one confronts direct to the positivista paradigm, that if occupies in 13 to establish relations of cause and fact, providing a linear and rigid understanding of phenomena, dynamic and of structures that are essentially complex. The contemporaneidade lives deeply a crisis of the knowledge, in which the traditional paradigms of scientific production, as well as its vises of world and man, do not contemplate more the reality of the demands that are imposed to them, them do not obtain more to present answers for the problems of society.