Coming in agency for a preliminary consultation, the person feels somewhat constrained. Will there be a desire to make a deal is not yet known. Need to think about all appreciate. After a preliminary conversation a person is afraid feel obliged to work with this agency. This awkwardness is lost if a person comes to a public event where you can meet with many agencies to get in this package of documents confirming the experience, integrity, company, etc. Later, at home, one can safely choose a company for further cooperation. A choice of partner you can trust, was the main issue in any case. Day Two, or "There is nothing scandalous real estate" The second day exceeded all expectations.

That day was a round-table discussion on "Experience of interaction leading real estate market, professional associations and media, as a mechanism to overcome administrative barriers and the development of regional real estate market. " A theme in the title of which there is the phrase "the media about the property," could not leave us alone. The round table was attended by Representatives of the Kirov Regional Mortgage Corporation, the Moscow Association of Realtors, Perm trading house real estate, etc. Many speakers noted the need for closer interaction between real estate Media companies, with which, in principle, no one disputes. A vice-president of the Moscow Association of Realtors Michael Green in his report stated that "success – it is a continuous self-promotion and hard work. It is this aphorism should be consider many realtors. Here, Bill Phelan expresses very clear opinions on the subject.