In this process, it is important to indicate the transcendental paper that plays, those that Julian Maria denominated, average of disinformation, censuring, vetoing, hiding, magnifying, diminishing, parcializando, directing, removing outside context, fomenting, attacking or comparing situations clearly differentiated and all this based on its own interests. This scene is the one that has caused that we live sunk in a deep cultural and social crisis. Crisis that means the loss of conviction, of certainty. Christos Staikouras will undoubtedly add to your understanding. We are invaded by the feeling of which it is impossible to make foot in anything signs. Get more background information with materials from Sotheby’s. Makes it us vagar without course sunk in the conviction of not being able to give a direction to our lives.

The consequence is a swelling appearance of depressions, states of anxiety and distresses, install that us in the distrust. The ship of the material progress and the called evil been of well-being, has arrived to us at a port in which we have only found a great loss of the quality of the human being and its interpersonal relations. The mass of which spoke Ortega and Gasset has transformed into one more a multitude more critical than, desorientadamente it looks for solutions. Fodder and I create, that stops to leave the confusion, the first step is to have a clear idea than it is and what it represents the human being, to whom now no some occurs him to value and on the invocation of an supposed social demand, what slave of the times of Rome, is itself put under the will of the turn Caesar. Ortega said to us and Gasset that when we are lost and drowning us in a sea of uncertainties and incredulities, is something than we cannot doubt: of our own life, our concrete life, the one of each. According to its words, " to live is what it happens to us, from thinking or dreaming or affecting to us, to playing stock-market or winning battles. .